The Burden Shifters

Last Monday’s City Council meeting brought the city’s elected officials together to try and address some of the financial concerns of the city’s budgetary requirements,  an exercise of financial decision making that attempted to keep much of what they have currently in place, without having to  resort to any draconian cuts to services in order to set their financials right…

(from  the blog a town called podunk, click on the link below to see the entire article … fters.html )

Good article!
While I hope all HTMF’s have read  your full article,  I found myself  re-reading your  two paragraphs I’ve quoted.  

The real financial issues mentioned in your article are not going to go away and will only be addressed if Council has the political will to come up with decisive, creative and effective solutions. Rupert has been bankrupt before and it would be a shame to see it happen again.

To prevent this, it may be time for the long suffering business and residential taxpayers in Prince Rupert to take a page from Dawson  Creek and other municipalities and form a ratepayers association.

I’d be curious to hear from the HTMF clan to see if there is any interest in this and if so how it should be moved ahead.