The Biggest Problem in Prince Rupert?!

Mr Pond believes the biggest problem in Rupert is parking down town…
so much so that he hired a
:unamused: “parking task force” :unamused:
to do research on parking around the province.
this group of people traveled all around observing parking… :astonished: :confused:

This task force cost thousands of dollars and i feel is an
extreme waste of money…

I have NEVER had a problem parking in rupert… even right now during
Xmas i can still find parking ANYWHERE!

… anyone eles get the feeling we are just being milked of what little money we have up here???

During the meeting there were talks of changing our parking to
paid meter parking and/or making a paid parking complex…

*Reality is that there IS NO PARKING PROBLEM in prince rupert
and this is just lies to get support for the public to pay for parking…

-Whats next? cops ticketing people for petty things like blinkers, rolling stops when there is no traffic and failing to wear a seat belt as you sit in your drive way?

I completely agree with Jesus on this one.  While Mayor Pond is spending our tax dollars traveling the globe, we are sitting here with sidewalks piled high with snow and ice because the city has no money to pay to have them cleaned properly.  Next week the City will be closing due to lack of funds, so tell me what will happen if there is an emergency!!!  What kind of message are we sending to the investors that Mayor Pond continually tells us that are coming.  Finally, how much money did they actually spend from that $5million dollars before they realized the error?

Yeah, I wouldn’t say that parking is an issue in Rupert.  That’s crazy!  I was up there for a few weeks in the fall and never had a problem parking.  Come to MY city!  ha ha.  You’ll never find a place to park.

they already do ticket for rolling stops when there is no traffic.
just waiting to hear about the other two… im sure it will happen eventually :unamused:

Agreed.  That is a really stupid idea. :imp:

Man, just about everything the city have done since the last election is just utterly ANNOYING!!!

Does anyone know how many year 'til we get a chance to chuck this council out the city hall window?

The city positions run for 3 years.  I think the last election was November 19, 2005.  We’ve got about a year to wait.

I never get tickets, but since ive been back here in rupert, ive got a rollings stop ticket…
it was a good stop, i didnt blow the stop sign… i got  got a ticket for not using my blinker
by Mcdonalds, i was in the turning lane so i thought it was obvious(i did use it to turn into the lane tho…
and there was a road block right out side my house… and they got me in the motions of putting my seat belt on as i was backing out… just ridicules…

No time to wait.

It’s time for a

[size=5]COUP D’ETAT!!![/size]  :imp:

Led by Kim Jong-il.  :smiley:

Hennessey and caviar anybody?

The next election for City Council is November, 2008.  I agree it is time for a change.  People need to start putting their heads together to try to encourage the right people to run for these seats…

I choose you.

If memory serves Mr. Pond took the mayor’s race with better than 80% of the popular vote in 05.  It may be a different story in 08.  However, he is a shrewd politician and a good speaker.  I wonder if he’ll run in 08?

Unfortunately, Herb will run because: 1) He doesn’t have a pay cheque from anyone else; and 2) because he is arrogant and believes that he is doing a wonderful job for all of us taxpayers. He definitely needs a tune in and read and listen to what people are really saying about him out there.  Voting for Herb, is like saying that you vote to loose everything that you have worked hard for all your lives.  With the ongoing increase in taxes, and nothing to show for it makes me angry.  If our taxes increased due to improved infrastructure ie: water, sewer and road upgrades, I probably could live with it.  This bout of snow just told the true story on what kind of financial conditions we are really in and no one seems to be doing anything about it accept for paying huge salaries to management…

I read in the Daily News that cityhall is now closed until Jan.2 2008. Does this mean the cityhall employees are doing there part while not working for a week they are also not getting paid so we can save money ???  How nice of them