The Absolute Truth the Hole Truth and Nothing Butt the Truth

It is absolutely true that I was once one of the highest paid writers in all Canada, if not the world.
While most people were lucky to get 10 cents a word, I made almost seventy dollars a word

every other week I wrote “No No No Yes No” on a computer card and sent it in. They sent back $350 !!! :open_mouth:

Now the BIG question: was I a writer of fiction, or non-fiction. No comment.

Well from the previous post, it seems that fiction is your big thing.

Sounds like there is a bit of truth to it. But I think you’ve left out some crucial details that might explain it a bit better.

You were a writer?

I was an artist once. I drew $350 per week.

Ka-ching! :smile: he gets it…

Read this month’s Cdn Business mag. Wesley Weber drew so much money they had to redesign the $100 bill. Great article!

edit: found link … 1496_61496

Wow…that was a frickin awesome article herb

It’s to bad Weber didn’t know how to keep low very well, guess Caporola should have been more involved in that part heh :smile:

If you want a criminal role model, beats the shit outs Billy Joe and Bobby Sue, yer All-American yee-haws…
I think HP should hire him:
“Hi, I’m Wesley Weber, and I use only genuine HP inkjets. Look at the crisp detail on this $100 bill from an HP, compare it to the sloggy mess from the Epson 440.”

My commercial laser will actually imprint a tracking number, so it makes really, really good useless counterfiets… the last one I had just gave an error message: * it is illegal to duplicate money, postage stamps, etc. * but you could hit ok and do it anyway.

you can do it with a minolta but you need to know how to talk to the printer / photocopier with a pc laptop link with software : O )

wanna C910 with a fiery for $4200? Putting it on ebay this week…

No thanks… saving up for a new poerbook.