Thank You Hydro - Sort Of

I’m usually griping about BC Hydro because of smart meter interference. Today I am thanking them. Two outages yesterday, and today I sold 5 power supplies, three routers, two switches and have a motherboard/CPU because of them. And rented the clinic a backup Internet connection.
Not all good though - they fried my cash register even though it was plugged into the Surge & Battery side of the UPS…

It usually takes about four days for the full effects to kick in, should get really busy.

anyone ever buy a nice ups for their gear ? Sure glad i have a nice rack mount one in my rack for all my gear…


2U APC Smart-UPS 1000VA were beautiful. Line voltage monitoring and logging was tremendously helpful in understanding why server equipment was popping left, right and center!

And nothing like brown-outs and overvoltage to generate some business. Just need a good brown-out and they’ll come running. Sad, but true: Most people don’t unplug their devices from the wall even before planned outages.

I haven’t unplugged my whole rack full of gear since i moved here into my new house… Seriously, it sit’s there does all it’s jobs and runs perfectly… I was hoping my Dell server would break or fail or something so i can get paid to fix it !! BUT NOPE just sits there and works… 2 more years left of NBD!

Here we go again. Pole burned and another outage from 6 am until 11.
Had to 4x4 to the worst mountain-top. Cooked another UPS… that makes at least 7 major outages here in 2013.
Mentioned to a guy on the Regional District that it was ridiculous they built the new road to Mackenzie and a new power line from there to the new mine and didn’t back-link it to the power grid here. What a good idea he said. Why didn’t they think of that?
It would’ve cost money and benefitted idiots who vote for them no matter what. Why should they?