Texans report seeing UFO

OMG…a UFO in Texas. :smile:  I’ve always been interested in UFOs, I’m not sure if they’re real or a hoax.


I’ve never seen one myself, and can’t say as I’m really convinced that they exist.

But there are a few folks out there locally that swear we’re some kind of attraction for the flying orbs.

A couple of things I remember stumbling across on the web in the past

(just type in Prince Rupert and UFO’s and you’ll find a whack of stuff)

one that has Terrace as some kind of centre of the Universe for ET and his pals (go figure, guess that wins the debate which is better Rupert or Terrace eh)


And a photo from 1996 from a local fisherman who claims to have seen one, the article claims that we’ve been a hot spot since the fifties…


Guess we should look up in the sky more often  :smiley:

I read about this lady in the 80’s her name is Dorthy she is 81 or older and has been filming UFO from her back yard. She has one footage that is so unbelievable she zooms in to the ufo craft and you can see aliens

Here is some more about her.
Since 1974, Dorothy Wilkinson-Izatt has been recording strange phenomenon on Super 8 home movie film. To call it UFO contact, would only be partially right. The footage not only captures alien craft, and at times occupants, but other unusual events that seem to disregard the laws of physics.
There are photographs of amazing light shows that pale the efforts of Hollywood special effects technicians. Others reveal scenes of what can best be described as ‘space/dimension warps’, a common method of travel and communication for our otherworldly (??) friends.
To date, the films have been examined and studied by some of the worlds foremost experts, and as yet, no definitive answers have been reached. Theories and hypothesis abound, but on one thing the experts agree, something very real is happening that defies our understanding of the natural laws and shakes the foundation of our belief structures.
Is there a message buried in the films? Dorothy says, “yes”. Will we someday understand? Again, Dorothy says, “yes”. As with a child learning to read, the steps are slow, and like reading, the recognition of words and sentences does not guarantee understanding. This will only come when the ‘light’ that is inherent in all of us is allowed to work it’s magic. When this occurs, we will finally know our position in the grand cosmic scheme.

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earth is the handicapped little brother of planets in comparison … the milkyway is the jizz stain of the universe and honestly, why are ufos still kept in the dark.

No wonder you have that grin.
The last time I tried to look up at the sky I got my eyeglasses all wet.
Rupert is definitely not the best place for stars or UFO gazers.

These are alien brain surgeons looking around Texas for George Bush.
They want to examine his head before he makes another mess in the Middle East.