Oh, burnnn!

That man has no influence on me!!!

My, I like that first page.

That’s because of your shovel. I’m stuck with the stupid English Army butterknife, and you have that German derflippenflappenkruppsteelshovelsmacker.

I was driving to Vancouver last month and thinking about town symbols, you know like there’s “The Biggest Fishing Rod” in Houston BC and the “Giant Skis” somewhere else, the UFO landing pad in Alberta and there used to be a Giant Nickel in Sudbury.

Well I had to stop for gas in Clinton, BC.
Is Monica’s blue dress on e-bay?


We all turn into nodding dogs when Pamala starts to run down the beach.

Bouncy Bouncy :smiley:

Ruh Roh… Ryan’s bouncyness is spreading![/quote]

To my brother?!! shudder