tset received. :smiley:


It’s working.  This is being posted from my fridge.  Which now has an IP address.

Whats the ip address so we can hack it and change your food content list’s :smiley: HAH

And I bet you’re running NetBSD on it, I hear it runs on toasters too - try it!

What is installed on it when you buy it ? Windows ? LMAO

Very cool, MiG. :smiley:

Ok, whoever is ping-flooding my fridge, please stop it.

No Milk For you. !

Don’t cry over spilt pings…

Somebody just asked me why my fridge has an IP address.

I told him it was assigned with DHCP.

I love it…the new Sears Apache server…chills your beer, streams media content, keeps your broccoli fresh. :smiley:

So made me laugh out loud. What if it gets hacked from some one. Your fridge becomes some ones  new playground :smiley: