Help test the chat, by logging in and clicking “chat” on the menu.

I can’t find the chat menu. Where is it?

Look up. Right under the logo.

Mig I don’t see any chat button.

Ya, I don’t see it either? You mean by where it says ‘Image Gallery’, ‘Profile’, ect?

What theme you guys using? I’ve put it into the default theme, I’ll edit the others if it works ok.

we’ll i’ve clciked it and nothing loads. just an X

Works for me.

Hmmm… need java?

Works dingaty-dangaty diggly wiggly figgly mo smiggly fine for me.

Ok, it’s pretty late, but I’ll see what the problem is tomorrow night.

Looks like you need to have the Sun Java VM installed for it to work. I’ll see if I can make it work with the Microsoft one tomorrow night.

works for me

i gots an x but im downloading java as we speak or I should say POST lol


Well I went on but nothing was happening. Cool scroll bar.

Works for me just fine.

since when did hackingthemainframe get a chat?? :confused:

Thu Jan 19, 2006 11:12 pm

(scary music)

i tried the chat button and it dont work fir moi…desole (did i spell that right???..crazy french spelling)

PS…you Mig …what happened to my cowboy hats???