Terrace Ville

How does the general public find any tickets to mondays canuck game?

you dont they have been given to school kids(something like 70%) others raffled or drawn in contests. but they are having events all thru town meet and greets etc. and playing the game on a big screen at george little park

7:30 PM on Sportsnet and NHL Network

Well that sucks
lets hope they dont over pack the arena with to many people and break the Firecode knowing them they would :smiley:

Is this gonna be televised on CBC?

Found something.  Looks like an internet streaming feed for Saturday 19th.

06:50 PM ET

2009 KRAFT HOCKEYVILLE ON CBC: The Game- Vancouver Canucks vs NY Islanders (Streaming)
    Location: Terrace, BC
    CBCSports.ca 3

All the hockey associations in the NW got tickets for 18 kids and 2 coaches names all drawn out of a hat.  They get to attend the meet and greet from 9-11 at the arena in Terrace today.

Well I hope the Canucks bring up a few “names”, this morning on CKNW the team heading north was described as the B squad of a split squad… probably not quite what Hockeyville fans were hoping for.

I believe TSN will be airing the game as well.

Sportsnet pacific actually 7pm or whenever the Blue Jays game ends.

A buddy of mine said he met Bieksa, and Wellwood was up there too. 

the top names there are bieksa , welwood and mitchell. i was disapointed but my son liked the atmosphere and seeing them

bieksa is cute though. I’d not have complained about meeting him hahaha

The game is on channel 49 right now if you have cable.  Sportsnet Pacific.

Or you can watch online…


The sedine sisters must have been busy polishing their toe nails and Longo was probably busy at the bank!
Its too bad that more high profile players don’t follow the example of Trevor Lynden!
Sure, maybe the team wouldnt let them come, but that in some ways is even worse.
In any case its low class!

Says the fan that can’t even spell Linden, Luongo or Sedin correctly. 

You have to remember that as much goodwill as there is for an event like this, it is still first and foremost an exhibition game.  With training camp reduced to a day and a half, and 50 some players invited to camp, teams use the first 4 or 5 exhibition games as tryouts for the guys that are on the bubble.  That’s basically what you saw last night and it’s no different then what any other NHL team will do regardless of where the game is played. 

Sorry about the spelling T- Rav. Who said I was a fan? Get that right, I’m not!
This was not just an ordinary exibition game Its a nationally advertised event.
The media has hyped this thing for months. Terrace people have worked hard to
put on a good show, then the ‘Stars’ don’t bother to show up to sign a few autographs, let alone play! LOW CLASS!
I am going to Google for a spell check that includes over paid athletes!

If you’re not a fan, then why the hell do you care who showed up last night?

As for this being some extra special event, that’s where you are wrong, this was an ordinary exhibition game.  The fact that it wasn’t played in an NHL building is irrelevant, and further to that it’s not the only game that will be played in a non-nhl community.  Saskatoon is hosting two NY Islander games this preseason.  Ottawa is playing a game in Halifax, Philly is playing a game in London, Tampa Bay will play a game each in both Regina and Winnipeg. 

For one thing, they did a good job on pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes.  Advertising daily on CFNR that Bobby Lou, The Sedins etc… will be up here for the event.  Oh well, looks like everyone enjoyed themselves, especially the kids.