Terrace Techs

Was one of the posters here the guy that told a lady her motherboard was blowing hard-drives? And sold her a new computer?
Good sales move, but explain depot and manufacturer warranties when asked.
Depot means if the systems got a hardware problem, you take it to where you bought it and pick it up and they fix it during the warranty.
Manufacturer means if a Samsung drive fails, you look up Samsung and RMA it.
And if you take it somewhere else, and they put a different part in that fails, the OEM maker doesn’t give a flying fuck, cuz it ain’t his part. You can put the original part back in (if you haven’t been so fucking dumb you wrote and told them someone else tinkered inside) ship it to them, and if they’re NICE they’ll fix it and ship it back on your nickel.
and watch out for those customers who don’t realize ‘saisfaction guaranteed or your money back’ was Eatons motto. Eatons has been tits up since before most of them were born, so God knows where they got the idea.

:cry: me a river

Who’s cryin? We got the $$, one of you got the whiner… enjoy.

I’ve only seen about 2-3 good technicians between Terrace and PR. One moved. That leaves 1-2. Herbie Im guessing you sold the computer originally and then somebody sold her a new computer and told her the old one was garbage? That’s what you’re pee’d about? I think, if they’re mentally-deficient enough to believe they need a new computer then you shouldn’t have to worry about it.
I have to say, I’ve never heard of a motherboard blowing hard drives. That’s so rare I haven’t seen one instance. I’ve seen HD’s damaged from power problems but that’s it.
/end useless post  :astonished: :smiley:

LOL… well the only way a mother board can blow a drive is if the ide/sata controler chip goes awol it iwllpush dc through the cable and blow drives INTERFACT chip thats about it.

I’m not pissed at all at the guys who sold her a new one. Only that they did crack it open and install a new hard-drive without informing her it was probably still under warranty. Doing that voids any OEM warranty I’ve ever heard of. It was when the hard-drive they put in blew they told her the system was junk and it ‘must be the motherboard’.
Like jleaman says, it is possible, but I’ve never found one. With 80Gig IDEs for under $50, you know ‘qality control’ doesn’t fit in the same sentence. More likely to find 3 bad drives for every bad mobo these days.
Far more likely the womans running it on a generator, surging and browning out all the time, or she bounced it all the way to Terrace in the back of a pickup.
I’ve already e-mailed her and offered to fix it if she sends it here (d-e-p-o-t warranty) but the ditzy bitch thinks I have to refund her $$ because of what someone else ‘said’.

– should have thought about the brand name: “Wontee-Voight”…
Aha! You open case, tly fixee yooself! You wontee voight. No moh wontee!

OH WONANTEEEE what’s that these day’s You go to future shop you buy a compac computer for 499 it dies a year and a half  later if you didn’t get the extended warrantee your SOL. :smile: