Terrace Represent!

show the love baby, who’s from Terrace here?

Frickin’ Terrace, with their WalMarts and their Canadian Tires.

I can’t stand people who live in Rupert, but shop in Terrace, and then complain about how shitty their service was in Terrace, and that they would have rather shopped in Rupert.

Terrace is great, they have all the best car dealerships: Honda, Toyota, VW.

And Walmart: $24.95 for a stack of 15 blank dvds. The cheapest in Rupert is Radioshack, at $5 each.

25 blank DVDs at NCIX = $22.00.

Bought a bunch of boxes.

I can’t seem to find that deal on ncix…

People up North aren’t bright when it comes to shopping. You don’t get best service AND best price, ask anyone from a large town. 90% go for best price and lots of whining.
Get your employers to get active in their local Chamber of Commerce and promote local businesses to your own people. Get your employers to target merchandise to the local market, because you can’t survive price wars with Walmart, Costco and Future Shop. Believe me you can come look at Fort St. James with Prince George only 2 hrs away. We’ve lost over 50 shops and I think our OVerwaitea is on the verge cuz they keep raising prices and losing even more customers.
I have two signs in my shop:
100% Satisfaction or your money back: Go to Eaton’s
(point being they went under trying to sell service)
(no explanation needed)
IF there’s no Future Shop in Terrace, lure it to Rupert. Do you have Zellers there? If not, lure one in.
Rattle the city, run for councillor even if you’re only 20. Pie your MP, whatever it takes. Rupert should be one of THE cities in this province, it should have as many people as Prince George, it should be a major port, but what to ship? You’ve been getting the short end of the stick for years.

What I hate is people in my town that tell you with a sneer they bought a computer at Staples cuz it was cheaper of course cuz it’s a Comcrap) and get their Internet from Telus cuz it’s $1 cheaper, then send their kid to me with a job application! Told one poor kid to get his dad to drive him to P George every morning to work at Wendys.

When I lived in Vancouver I bought my computer from a friend in Rupert (not a store front shop). Having visited Futureshop, I’m not impressed. It’s not a deal.

erww who would wanna live in terrace :confused:

Someone who would want to do something other than party and constantly drink or get stoned…along with any other city/town…maybe