Terrace is Hockeyville!

Terrace made the top 5, and now the last time to vote has arrived!  Voting started at 8pm local time tonight, and will go until 8pm March 4th.

Here’s how to vote:

Go to www.cbc.ca/hockeyville and vote for Terrace on the right drop-down menu.  Don’t forget to fill in the security question!

Send a text to 222111 with “Vote Terrace” in the body of the text!  Standard text messaging rates apply. 

Or you can call toll free 1-866-533-8066

You can vote as many times as you want from now until March 4th at 8pm… so vote often!  Lets help Terrace become Hockeyville 2009!!!

Direct link…will save you some time on picking the town.  :wink:

cbc.ca/sports/hockey/hockeyv … splex.html

Been texting since the voting started.  I figure I’ve done maybe 500 texts or so.

Whenever I think about it, I send a message.

What’s the deal with unlimited voting? How hard is the captcha on the website? This strikes me as something that could be gamed.

You could probably hire one of those gold farmer companies for $50/day to just solve captchas and vote for Terrace. 

One of the organizer guys from Terrace was on the CBC yesterday talking about voting. He said they had figured out that with a blackberry you could send in text message votes 90 at a time.

If I wasn’t worried about the cost to text I’d just sit myself down with a good movie on a hit the resend button over and over–I hope Terrace gets it.

just go on the unlimited plan and take it off after voting . you’ll just pay a prorated amount for the plan


You, my friend, have been hiring the wrong gold farmers.

Also, that is in fact an interrobang.

A friend of mine with a Blackberry voted 2500 times the other night while she watched Slumdog Millionaire!  haha

Because it’s Terrace, BC running…we will probably see Vancouver vs a rival team.

id be happy to see a intrasquad game. loved it when training camp was in victoria neat seeing training camp

I would love to see any of those, but I don’t think Toronto would come this far out for a pre-season game?

Good!!!  :imp: :imp: :imp: :imp:

Does anyone know how the exhibition games went in any of the other cities/towns that previously won Hockeyville?

Online voting goes until 10:30pm tonight… make sure you vote as much as possible on this last stretch!!!


Good question…this is what’s on CBC’s web page on past winners.

Kraft Hockeyville Past Winners

2006 - Salmon River is an unincorporated  suburban community in central Nova Scotia’s Colchester County. A suburb of the town of Truro, Salmon River is located on the south side of the Salmon River, from which it derives its name. Salmon River’s entry, the “Deuville Rink”, beat 450 other entries from across Canada and won the title of Kraft Hockeyville 2006 on June 11, 2006. Salmon River hosted an NHL® exhibition game on September 25, 2006 at Colchester Legion Stadium. The game was played between the Montreal Canadians and the Ottawa Senators.

2007 - North Bay, a town of approximately 53, 000 people is situated between Lake Nipissing and Trout Lake in Ontario. In 2007 North Bay won the title of Kraft Hockeyville ‘07 with its video entry, highlighting their annual pond hockey tournament and the town’s hosting of youth hockey players displaced by Hurricane Katrina.  As part of the contest prizing, North Bay received the honors of hosting a pre-season game on September 17, 2007 between the New York Islanders and the Atlanta Thrashers.

2008 - Roberval is a city in the Le Domaine-du-Roy County Regional Municipality of Quebec with a population of 11, 000 people. Roberval’s unique entry “Village Sur Glaceâ€

so it looks like if atlanta and new york . played its not a canaian team or the winners choice. well lets bring in washington and vancouver or detroit lol

look at us talking like we won . i say we cause im sure its not just terrace voted but the northwest to win it as a whole. as i hope people did when smithers tried.

when do they announce the winner?

This Saturday night on HNIC. 

Congrats Terrace! WOW! I cant wait to make the trip!