Tense times at Council High

Oh oh, the Mayor may not be happy with his council as they go over their options on municipal borrowing.

Silly people, thinking that the voters may want to have a say.


Bit surprised that the council engaged in some public debate about whether there should be a referendum to consider borrowing substantial funds for various facilities. Thought that they might have thrashed things out in the private meeting from 5 - 7 pm.

Good to see some council members speaking out, though, in favour of public involvement by holding a referendum to coincide with the next election, which is not that far off.

The Mayor has left these issues so late in his mandate that, all else aside, little time would be gained by holding an ‘alternate approval process’, where borrowing is approved unless enough citizens go down to city hall to fill out forms to file their objections or concerns.

The question of new facilities for police, fire and ambulance has been around for a while, but the Mayor has tacked the airport onto his wish list of things that he would like to borrow money for without having to trouble himself with a referendum. I wonder what that’s about? Perhaps he will issue a communique from his bunker providing some details.

In case anyone wants to you can see the debate here:

princerupert.ca/page.php?id_ … _section=5

The relevant portion starts at 1:46:45 .