Ted Nolan to return to the NHL!

There’s a press conference in New York tomorrow in which it’s reported that Neil Smith will be named GM of the New York Islanders and Ted Nolan will be named the head coach.

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This could actually be a good fit for Nolan, a young team that has underperformed the last few years but is one with lots of potential. He’s a great teacher and that is probably something that the Islanders could use.

Having a knowledgable guy like Smith as GM should help smooth Nolan’s way back into the NHL, they’ll have to figure out that strange guy Yashin (they’re stuck with his huge contract so good luck there), but maybe Nolan can find a way to get him back on track.

Anyways, good for Nolan, I’m glad he’s getting another shot at the NHL, hope things go better for him this time than that mess in Buffalo ended up for him!


Thats pretty awesome…I think his a fair coach and will do good…