TD Canada Trust Users! Fraud! Important Message!

Important Information About Email Fraud
August 7 2007

Currently, there is a fraudulent email in circulation claiming to have been issued by TD Canada Trust, urging customers to verify their personal and banking information. Customers are asked to click on a link in the email that directs them to a modified online banking login page.

TD Canada Trust has not sent and will not send email messages to customers requesting confidential information. Please do not act on any such emails as you may compromise your banking information by following links to counterfeit internet site(s).

If you are concerned that you have received a fraudulent email, disclosed any confidential information, or if you have any concerns about security, please contact TD Canada Trust at 1-866-222-3456.

This isnt td specific all banks have this “problem”

Yea, once is a while. TD is having thisfraud NOW.

It’s important.

What Jesus said.

This stuff happens all the time, I’d like to think that anyone who is capable of using a web forum is experienced enough to not get suckered in.

unfortunately you are wrong eso :wink: I see postings about people getting ripped off everyday. 

People who fall for scams like this.

Dude I was just gonna link that same story.
Cept I saw it here

"West African internet scams are not uncommon and many of his fellow Australians have wondered why the farmer was so easily duped.

His relatives say he was blinded by internet love. "


Yeah, I can’t believe some people . . . oh wait. I just got an e-mail from some nice girl who’s bored today and wants to chat with me. And I totally don’t mind if she shares some pictures with me, on her non-personal e-mail.