Taser Inquiry

How many mounties does it take to taser a Pole? Anyone following the Braidwood Inquiry? Shame on the RCMP for this. If this was any other member of our society involved, this would be a murder trial of those responsible for this action and not mearly an inquiry. At the very least, these four officers should be charged with perjury as the testimony they have all given is in such direct contradiction to the video evidence they are all clearly lying about the entire incident. I find some of the testimony given to be an insult to the intelligence of the collective public conciousness, for them to think that the public would believe this crap when there is such strong video evidence showing what really happened. They acted like common street thugs, assaulting an innocent man, the only difference is they were in uniform and heavily armed. Officers of the law need to be held more accountable for thier actions in this country and the only way to do this is the establishment of an independent board of inquiry into the wrongdoing of law enforcement agencies as the present board is very clearly not doing a fair or effective job of policing themselves. They need to be held to the same standards as the rest of this society. This incident could have been simply and peacefully resolved in a wide variety of ways that were available at the time to these officers, and what is most frustrating is that none of them are willing to even admit this fact, when given the chance during this inquiry. Instead of the national police force that we have all as Canadians always been proud of, too often recently they have been acting more like the world’s largest street gang.

Bravo Caos!  I mirror your opinion and offer up that I sincerely DO hope that the officers are charged for their corruptness and lying throughout the entire inquiry. I also hope that, in so doing, Mrs. Dziekanski is awarded damages in the millions. (Even that amount is miniscule for what that poor woman has gone through.)  These police officers SHOULD NOT be permitted to get away with their lying and contempt at the inquiry the way they did… and they must be held accountable. Perhaps punitive damages as well would not only be an avenue to entertain but in hopes of any such award sending a strong and clear message that the people of this country whole-heartedly disrespect the roll these officers are playing and would never what to witness this type of conduct again.  Shame on them… SHAME ON THEM!

If this was any other member of our society involved, this would be a murder trial of those responsible for this action and not mearly an inquiry.[/quote]

I understand what you’re trying to say, but it wouldn’t be “murder”. For that, you need to have some ability to prove they intended to kill him. It would most likely end up as a “manslaughter” charge.

I totally get what you’re trying to say though.

I understand what you’re trying to say, but it wouldn’t be “murder”. For that, you need to have some ability to prove they intended to kill him. [/quote]

Lets just taser the guy FIVE TIMES and call it tickling then.

They attack and assault and easy target because they know they could dominate and overpower him with ease, didnt see the same moxy when it came to that mclean kid on the bus, those gutless  bastards left the perp inside the bus for hours as he slowly dismembered and ate the fucking guy while they watched, no five tazer hits for him how come? Just like a bully they seem to be picking their battles, when its four or five against one they were the tough guys, when they have a real dangerous lunatic they arnt anywhere near as brave, there was no storming the bus and tazer the lunatic to the ground, or to death which would have been most likely accepted as needed at the time by the public, why such bullies in one circumstance yet cowards in the other?

A friend just showed me an article from the March 4th Province newspaper, reporting that one of the four officers involved in the taser incident, Cpl. Robinson was responsible for the motor vehicle collision with a motorcycle resulting in the death of the 21 year old son of a Delta firefighter, last October, then failed a beathalyzer test, but had apparently fled the scene at the time and then consummed alcohol post driving accident??? Sounds like honest and responsible behaviour from an off-duty police officer doesn’t it?  He was banned from driving but not charged with anything else according to the article, and is now seeking a judicial review to have his licence returned, but this was not done due to ‘inconsistencies’ in his statement. ??? Holy crap, if this was you or me we be up on manslaughter charges for this, not to mention driving under the influence. So this man is now involved in the deaths of two other people under very questionable circumstances, and yet is still in uniform? Is it just me, or is there something seriously wrong with this picture?

If you’re a foreigner waving a stapler you get tasered. If you’re an erratic cop waving a gun you get rubber bullets!

cbc.ca/canada/montreal/story … e1021.html

I’ve never actually experienced either, but I think that I would prefer being Tasered than being shot by rubber bullets.

It’s been explained to me that being tasered is the most excrutiating pain ever, for the few moments it lasts, and immediately after it feels like you’ve just gone for a 10km jog.

Yup! That’s about it. Been tasered twice now. ( don’t ask ) It basically short circiuts every muscle and nerve in the body for the time of the shock, but once it’s over, the pain’s gone, with a pretty short recovery time. But the tissue damage and bruising from the blunt force of a rubber bullet could take days / weeks to heal depending where you get hit and the extent of injury. For evidence of this just watch the first jackass movie where Steve O gets it from from the riot gun, crazy fucker.
But every RCMP member also carries pepper spray, as well as the extendable ASP baton in terms of weapons or ‘tools’. But the more important tool here would have been a little common sense, understanding and the powers of communication, but I guess they all left these behind on that day, or for some other reason us civilians wouldn’t understand opted not to use any of these.

Well, regardless of the results of the inquiry I heard that the taser had been moved up the use-of-force list… so hopefully nothing like this ever happens again.

Pretty shady situation. I’m not in the position to comment on what was actually going through the officers’ heads–but it seems odd that they turned away a YVR employee capable of translating for them, and used the taser in response to a stapler after the victim obeyed a command.

if they tazered him for brandishing a stapler he shouldnt have been a cop in the first place. a stapler as far as i know is not dangerous

Two totally different situations,  not a crowded public place for one. No language differences for another.  So lets not pretend we know how to do the job of the RCMP. 

a stapler as far as i know is not dangerous [/quote]

Tell that to the paper!

u got a point touche lol

if a stapler isn’t dangerous why don’t you let someone hit you on the head with it.

sure then ill shoot you with a tazer see which one hurts more wtf are you serious u think he was justifies to shoot a guy with a tazer because he had a stapler?

nice first post lol

maybe the cops should carry staplers instead of tazers you think that would help if they are dangerous maybe a staple gun  :unamused: :unamused: :unamused: :unamused: :unamused: :unamused:

The RCMP have handcuffs, billy sticks and guns.  I understood the tazers were to be used in extreme circumstances.  This has not been proven to be true.  It seems they are either too lazy to do their jobs or are sick minded people who get their jollys by repeatedly zapping people.  Shame on them. They seem to be untouchable.  If they can’t justify your actions they lie.

I understood the tazers were to be used in extreme circumstances.  [/quote]

You understood wrong.

The details of this event and people’s emotions put aside for a second, you have to realize that the conducted energy weapon (Taser) was placed on the Use of Force Model at a level that allowed it to be used in these types of circumstances.

A Taser is a tool. Like any occupation, you choose the tools that make your job easier. People seem to have this view of police officers that it’s part of their job description to get hurt. Really think about that for a second. Is that reasonable? If you really want to blame someone then take a hard look at the people who put the tool into circulation without knowing what it was capable of, not the officers who choose to use it as they were instructed.

I predicted long ago that they would end up moving CEW’s to a higher level on the Use of Force Model, and that’s exactly what’s happening. It’s too good a tool to eliminate and let’s face it: Despite it’s links to the deaths of people, it’s nice to have an option other than shooting them.

Again, this is not a comment on this particular incident. Each CEW use is and must be judged on it’s own merits.