Tandoori Doritos!

They are totally good! Just saw the truck unload some today, had to try.

But are they good enough for Salsa , Dip or Cold Beer ? Where did you see them unloaded .

The Hostess? truck comes here Tuesday. You should have them on the shelves by tomorrow!

7-11 has some Spicy Curry Chips.  I saw them this morning. 

When I was in Vancouver this summer wasabe was the flavor of the month, had to try wasabe cashews. Totally disgusting, but fascinating. Took 2 days to eat a small bag, but I kept going back and nibbling a couple for the weird flavor…
what’s next? mackerel, wasabe and ginger flavored chips?

K, you all like tales:
Way back in the old days, when dinosaurs roamed the earth and BCTV was still called CHAN, there was a Saturday show they broadcast live called Old Dutch Win-Mill.
I grew up in Burnaby, couple miles from Lake City (the industrial area) where the tv studio was. We went often to the studio to see live wresting and participate in Win-Mill.
The show, as you may have guessed was sponsored by Old Dutch Potato Chips, and consisted of an auctioneer (can’t remember his name, he was a fixture on that station until the 70s) and an audience full of kids. You would tear the labels off your bag of chips; in those  days you could do that without a razor knife. Like milk cartons, they were paper and wax. You could tell when they were stale, as the wax melted and stained the box bottom, or the shelf they were stored on after a couple weeks. You collected them to bid on auction items. Of course the label of a box was worth 5 or something, and there was only one size of chip bag. It cost a dime.
The host would hold up items, and the kids would start bidding and screaming, and it was a fun kid show for half an hour on Saturday afternoon. Great for parents too, by the time the kids walked to the studio, spent an hour or so (the show got edited down to 1/2 hr) and walked back, they were rid of you for half of Saturday afternoon!
It was right up there with sending your kids to Sunday school, which was really an excuse so Mom & Dad could saw off a little Sunday wahoo.

So one day, they rolled out this fantastic CCM 3 speed with lots of chrome, bells, headlights, a basket and a rear carrier. The drool practically oozed from the stand full of kids! The guy began the auction:
"Me! Me! I bid three labels!"
The host would point, the camera would zoom, they’d ask the kid his name and do a little one minute interview. Then you waited for the host to return to the stage and ask the next bid. Fifteen kids screamed “Five! Five! Five labels!”.
The host pointed to one kid, usually the least ugly and best dressed among the crowd. Then they repeated the name and interview.
Well these were the days that spawned the concept of ‘suspense’ in something completely boring, the lessons that American Idol and Howie Mandel learned well. The best items were auctioned later in the show, and often if it was something any good (and that CCM was the best thing they’d ever had!) they’d run out of studio time. Everyone would groan when the host said “Oh look! We’re out of time. I guess you’ll have to tune in next week to see who wins the bid for this lovely (item)”. Off you’d go home, disappointed, knowing full well it might rain and there was no way to get back to the studio next Saturday, unless you conspired all week at school to sucker someone’s Mom into driving. You may have to sit there in front of the black and white tv next Saturday, taking turns with your sisters touching the rabbit ears with one hand and the venetian blinds with the other so the picture was clearer, and watch as someone walked away with your Kenner Beam & Girder Erector Set, that you’d saved all year for. The horror, the angst!
So this particular Saturday, as a hundred kids coveted that eighty-five pound masterpiece of bicycle artistry, the time was dragging on.
"Twenty-five labels"
The process repeated. The freckled girl in the polka dots this time.
"Thirty labels"
And once again, the kid who’d had a bath and Brylcreem’d his cowlick gets the point.
All eyes were on that studio clock. Seven minutes left…
“Thirty-nine, Forty, Forty-six, Fifty” a flurry of bids that culminated with four kids shrieking “Fifty-five” all at the same time!
There was a tenth of a second pause, you could see the host’s arm twitch to choose. Time froze, you just knew it was tune in next week time.
That was when my classmate Kenny Q sprung to his feet, arms waving, seeming to reach twelve feet in the air.
“Five hundred and thirty-seven labels”, he shrieked, "Five hundred and thirty-seven!"
The entire studio froze. Heads turned. The host’s jaw trembled, it took five seconds before he spoke.
"You have five hundred and thirty-seven labels to bid? You know you really have to have that many labels with you, if you want to bid. Do you have that many labels you can bid that?"
Kenny Q jammed his elbow in my rib. I stood, raised an old fashioned paper shopping bag in my left hand and shouted, “One Hundred”. I raised another in my right and yelled, “Two Hundred”. Kenny’s other elbow poked Stevey in the ribs. He rose and held up one bag “Three hundred” and another, “Four hundred”.
Kenny stopped and raised another in his right hand.
"Five hundred!"
He made a dramatic pause, stooped again with a hand full of papers. "Five, ten, fifteen, twenty, twenty-five, thirty, thirty-five, thirty six, thirty-seven, thirty-eight labels. Oh HELL, I miscounted. I bid five hundred and thirty-eight!"
The entire audience erupted in laughter, because “Oh Hell” was as funny as it got in those days.
Kenny told the host how he collected every Old Dutch bag from every garbage can around the senior high, the junior high, the elementary school and the corner store since the start of school that year. Stevey and I beamed and nodded in the tv cameras as he told how we sat in Kenny’s bedroom reading Superman, Batman, Mad magazine and cutting labels with scissors for an entire week. There was one and a half minutes of studio time left as we walked off that stage with Kenny pushing that shiny new bike. The host wrapped up the show as we left the building.

So that’s the story of Kenny Q, the twelve year old potato chip millionaire. I won’t spoil it by repeating the ‘rumour’ that his uncle ran a printing plant, and we’d scissored up a pallette of misprinted bags from an Old Dutch order. Or that they found that ‘he was not directly employed by, nor a relative of someone employed by Old Dutch Foods Ltd.’, something that caused our parents to shit many bricks, and deliver these lectures that we all realized at thirty were about ‘ethics’  for a while.
If I were a spoiler, one who later learned about karma, I’d be forced to mention that a week later we were playing ‘dares’, racing our bikes down the schoolyard hill and seeing who could stop closest to the wall of the gymnasium. Someone wasn’t used to the new style of brakes, and in a panic pushed those pedals backward too close to the wall.  Someone’s instinct kicked in and he threw his arms straight out in front to keep his face from hitting the wall, and both snapped like twigs.

It was a Canadian built, steel and chromium 1960s bike. The front wheel was slightly bent.  So it got left leaning against the garage, for six weeks until the casts came off. Someone stole it after three… 

ummmmmm yeah…  I’m lost.    :confused:

I http://www.nullriver.com/png/heart-icon.png HTMF.

Fun stuff!

I should share with you some of the chip flavours we have over here.  I’ll head into the 7-11 or Yamaya do a survey.  If you thought you had weird favours of chips, wait till you see what I dig up!

Oh yeah, wasabi flavoured macadamia nuts rock!  So do wasabi-flavoured dried beans.  Hell, wasabi-flavoured just about anything kicks ass in my books!

snorting wasabe… like the dude on break.com? I’ll pass on that.
(waits for liver & onions chips)

I bought some curry chips tonight… I’ll let you all know how they are tomorrow.

Ever wonder why most doritos are triangle?  I never tought about it till i was eating a bag of round ones.  I got a chip that was the middle part of all the circles they cut out to make the chips.  Triangles would have no middle parts.  I wonder what they do with all the instide pieces from the circle chips?

Yummy…I love curry.  Please let me know if they’re worth buying, smartass. :smiley:

Well, since most chips are made of potatoes, they’re naturally round, so one would think there would be no leftover parts…

Guy i was talkin about Doritos

Oh, ok I see.  I’ve never heard of circle-shaped Doritos.  How long have they been around?

The Curry flavoured Lays were pretty good… they definately tasted like curry, and the chips were yellow.  They were kind of spicy too, which is good.  Anyone who is a fan of curry will probably like these chips.

I tried the Tandoori Doritos tonight too, and they tasted a LOT like the Bold BBQ doritos that were out a few years ago, with a little bit of taco flavour mixed in there too.  They were a bit too spicy for my taste.

These guys can make your chips taste like anything you want.

Overpricey doesn’t carry either flavor. Laggards.
Scored some curry ones at town pantry, they are good. I prefer the Tandoori Doritos bite though.

Waiting for **Clem & Lemuel’s Screamin’ Texas Chili Heat **(a free Anusol suppository in every bag) to come out…

I’m thinking that you won’t need the suppository after eating the Texas Chili Heat Dorito’s.  My experience with something that hot usually has me praying for the moment I can get out of the bathroom.  I think they call it explosive diarrhea on Southpark.