Taking your air for granted

One of the biggest things I miss about Rupert is the fresh, clean air. I cannot believe all the bloody air warnings we get in Prince George. If I want to go outside, I have to take into consideration that I will be getting lungfuls of dust and pollution with every breath. In 21 years, there was never an air quality warning in Prince Rupert. I think I will buy a motorcycle and move back to good ole Rupert one day.

Man it was kinda like that in kelowna, not that bad… I noticed the dry air and whatnot sucked for waking up in the morning alot of my friends bought humitifiers to make it somewhat humid… ignore my spelling… But yeah im glad to be back to this lil town.

At least sometimes Prince George smells like money.

We recently had the longest air quality warning on record for this city. I stayed inside for the most part, but it went on for over a week!

To add insult to injury, about a hundred trees next to my place were cut down cause they were all beetled to hell. Everywhere I move, the trees are beetled and cut down. God Hates This City.

PG and ‘acid fog’… eats the paint off your car.

Prince Rupert smells like seaweed. If you really want fresh air, live on a mountain, if you live on a mountain near PR you can get the sea breeze.

Prince Rupert does NOT smell like seaweed, unless you’re hanging around the harbour all the time. The ocean is mostly a good smell anyways.

Yeah, I don’t think it smells like seaweed either.

The only annoying smells that roam around in PR occasionnally are:

Diesel fumes from big ships
Wood burning smoke from my neighbour
Fish reduction plant odour

Other than that, we probably have some of the cleanest air in Canada.

Pretty much my post before I just gave up and closed the browser :wink:

All this talk of ocean smells is making me miss Rupert… But, as soon as I’m home I know I’ll be missing Kelowna even more. heh… lose lose.

Just go sit down by the lake in the evening… smells like the ocean its really quite odd but comforting :confused:

I noticed that too… Woods Lake doesn’t.

The seaweed smell is only at low tide,depends on how close to the beach you are and gets worse on hot sunny days. The reduction plant smell is what people here used to call “the smell of money”. mmmmm yummy.
Still better than most places I’ve been.

I love the Prince Rupert air. Here I go again with my back home talk…I am going to start sounding like, “One time in band camp…” pretty soon. Anyway, back home, living in a city size of Van, the air was crap. I really appreciate the air quality here, and been feeling much healthier since I’ve been living here. Love it. Especially after the rain stops…so cliche, I know.

the air’s so clean in the Fort that coming from the Fraser Valley I have to smoke 2 packs a day to prevent O2 poisoning…