Sylvania Silverstar HIDs

Here I thought I was being all S.M.R.T. by buying bright kick-ass headlights, when really I was just buying new headlights. The Silverstars are hardly any brighter at all. In fact I can’t even tell the difference, from inside the car. I even drove around with one normal and one Silverstar (both Sylvania bulbs). Looking at the headlight, and the headlight reflections, they look whiter, almost sometims blueish, but not any brighter. The lenses seem to spread the light out in a larger area, causing a dimmer, but wider viewing area. Not really all that usefull, unless you’re dodging night-time dogwalkers on Glenmore road.

$32.99 x 2 + gov share = a big waste of halogen fluid!!!

and everyone hates you for it too. awesome!

unless you’re kicking in a serious amount of money, odds are you arent getting anything but a fashion upgrade, that will annoy other drivers.

HID bulbs are a joke. Watch how long they last compared to the reliability of the generic ones that were in your car from who-knows-where for who-knows-how-long.

Shoulda gone with ricer super-blue bulbs though.

Super bright blue bulbs are annoying. How can those things be legal when they are pretty close to being brighter than high-beams?

They’re awesome in the snow on dark nights driving to terrace.

Do they turn the road kill blue?

Oh I’m sure they are… but they blind the people coming towards you.

Which makes more roadkill to turn blue.


Oh I’m sure they are… but they blind the people coming towards you.[/quote]

You’re not supposed to look directly at them. I havn’t ever been blinded on the road, to the point of being blinded or in danger of veering off the road. That leads me to believe you tend to drive in opposing traffic lanes, which probably isnt’a great idea.

Anyway, Silverstars aren’t blue, like those CoolBlue bulbs and the like. They’r enot even very bright… Admittedly after cleaning my windshield and re-aiming the lenses towards the ground, they do look a little brighter in the first 50 or so feet… still kinda silly.

I wish I had somewhere on the front of my car to mount some HID fog lamps , bush lamps, or aircraft landing lights for those quiet, lonely drives. Even those ones I put on the Jeep that someone managed to smash and break the first week after installation were awesome.

Thanks guys :angry:

My mom says they are too damn bright when she’s driving, and she practically slows down to 5 until the car goes by.

Driving in opposing lanes from the passenger seat wouldn’t be a great idea either.

I don’t get bothered by folk who leave their beams on when they are coming towards you. It’s never really been a big deal for me, doesn’t feel terribly dangerous.


I don’t mind a nice set of headlights coming toward me.

Neither do I. Smartass’ mommy is a big whiner!

hahaha sometimes yeah… but she lets me live here rent and bill free so I let it slide :wink:

not so much for the 30 seconds that it takes for a car to pass you on the highway, its when you are getting followed at night by some asshole w/ improperly aimed headlights and you’re getting blinded.

when there behind you it’s a hell of a lot worse then the 10 seconds you to endure the lights when there coming towards you.