Swollen Members

So the Swollen Members are coming to The Underground March 30 (Friday) and 31 (Saturday.)  I’m in a bit of a bind as I have 2 tickets for the Friday night show, but now I have our Ladies Hockey Charity game that night as well, so I’m unable to make the concert.

What I’m looking for is someone who has Saturday night tickets already, who is willing to switch the 2 friday tickets with me. 

Anyone willing to help me out?  Leave me a message on here, or PM me, or email me at k_a_o@ the hotmail.com


I have it on good authority that the Swollen Members routinely bring it home.

Why are they in Rupert?

Swollen ALWAYS brings it home.

They are going to be in Rupert because The Underground has scored some talent as of late.  Since the same people run the Rupert, and the casino in Prince George, they book bands to play both places.


they made a stop in the last town i was living, and i was horrified to find the only one whose name I knew (Mocha) wasn’t there.  So your not acutally getting the whole ‘members’ part, more like Swollen Pieces. 

i seen swollen members before in Kamloops and they had put on quite a show. so those of you that are lucky enough to score tickets to go are in for quite a treat. And if you don’t like that kind of music don’t complain and whine about it just don’t go.

And those of you who score tickets for Saturday, and don’t want to go… LET ME KNOW!!

I’m willing to throw in extra cash to go on saturday.

So I’ll give the person 2 friday tickets, PLUS BEER MONEY, in EXCHANGE for 2 saturday tickets.

Leave a msg for me on here, or send an email to k_a_o@ the hotmaildotcom

Its ok Rollins, we all know you are into Boy George. This ones for you.

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

They just added a 3rd show on thursday march 29th. its going to be a weekend of partying!

Yep yep!  I grabbed my Thursday tickets the other day.  I can’t believe they are coming here for 3 shows… it’s gonna be sweeeeeet! 

I still want to switch my friday tickets for saturday ones though… my $50 extra offer is still there too.  I’ll trade you my friday tickets, for 2 saturday tickets, PLUS $50.  Free beer for the night!

boards.muchmusic.com/showflat.ph … ain=156981

perhaps you might not want to buy those so quick

That MuchMusic thread is from 2 years ago. What difference would it make if someone else liked them or not?  I still do, and I’ll go to all 3 shows if I can.