Swollen Member Tickets

Anyone interested in Swollen Member tickets for saturday night…I have 2 tickets to sell for $50.00 each…I went lastnight and am partied out…Just let me know…

would the 5 hour wait also be a reason you dont want to go again?

There wasn’t enough of a crowd for them to come out before midnight.  I showed up at 9:30 and figured I would be late… then I almost fell asleep waiting for them to come on.

Friday and Saturday shows will have a better crowd, so they might come out earlier.

I heard that the Hotel owner went over to Rain for a drink or two and then invited a whole bunch of people over to see the show for free.  There was also a rumour that they were selling the tickets 2 for 1 for last nights show.  There were some pretty upset people because of it.

I heard the DJ was pretty cool.  Scratching all kinds of different music.

Is the Coast’s owner preppy and good lookin?  Tallish white guy with short, curly hair and glasses?  If that’s him then I think he did invite some people to come down and watch, as he left for a while, and then all of a sudden a big preppy bunch of “kids” ended up down there.  Most of them had no idea who Swollen was by the sounds of it.  But who knows… I’m sure 75% of the people that bought tickets for this weekend had no idea who Swollen Members were a month ago  :unamused:

I know the Coast and the Pub gave away a lot of free tickets during the week after they realised Thursday’s sales weren’t that great.  CFNR was giving them away on-air too.  Honestly though, after seeing how many people were down there at 11pm, 3.5 hours after the doors opened… I would have got anyone in there to fill the place too.  I don’t think Swollen would have felt very welcome if they played to about 70 people.

And yes, the dj was pretty good.  At the beginning he was playing a lot of reggae stuff that was groovin, but wasn’t getting people up to dance.  He then started playing the usual clubby stuff all mixed up and that seemed to do the trick.

its all good guys…i enjoyed the show…and i managed to sell my tickets…have a good one…