Suspected drunk driver crashes into RCMP cruiser in Terrace

The CBC has details of a New Year’s Eve traffic incident where a speeding driver, suspected of being impaired crashed into an RCMP cruiser off Highway 16 at Ferry Island in Terrace. … ml?cmp=rss

A very serious matter, and lucky nobody was killed. I can’t believe in 2011 (2012!) that some people think it’s ok to drink drive, especially on New Years Eve when the police will be out to look for you!

“David Schiffer, who is from the Czech Republic but currently working in Terrace, has been charged with impaired driving and dangerous driving.”

Excuse me while I try to think of some appropriate Czech puns.

“You can Czech out any time you like, but you can never leave…”

Yes one would think that in this day and age, folks would be a little more aware of the damage that they can do when they haul their inebriated bodies behind the wheel.

Anyways continuing on with the theme of lyrical interpretations of such, from the book of Mellencamp

“Getting’ too drunk on Saturdays
Czech it out.”

This just goes to show you that you should always czech out whats going on in front of you.

wrong bucket list…czech…you dummy

This puts a new meaning to roadside Czech

Breathalyzer = Cancelled Czech

Hope the officers involved have no lingering issues from this and that Schiffer learns the meaning of Czech Mate.