SUSE 10.1 > Ubuntu 6.06

Ok, since Ubuntu 6.06 came out, I’ve been struggling to try and make it work with my wireless networks.

No luck.

On top of that, it didn’t recognize my screen, and it took quite a bit of hacking to make it do the native resolution.

After weeks of this, I decided to just say screw it and try something else.  I downloaded the SUSE 10.1 network installer.  An hour later, I have a system that works.  It recognized and configured the screen, and it works great with my Wireless networks, including WPA.  No hacks, nothing crazy to get it working. 

My only beef right now is that there doesn’t seem to be a quick way to turn off the “tap to click” on my trackpad.  I hate that shit, I keep clicking when I don’t mean to.

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]


Suse 10.1 is nice, I ran it for a bit awhile ago, I’m not running Suse right now. 
I don’t know the fix to your issue, MiG.  This forum has a Novell/Suse board.  I’ve received good help from the users at this board. :smiley: … &forumid=5