Survey: Macs cost notably less to support than Windows PCs

Interesting opinion.  I’m quite biased in favour of macs.  What do you think?

Survey: Macs cost notably less to support than Windows PCs

Based on our family’s experiances with our 2 Macs and 1 PC, I would tend to agree. The PC has been in the shop once and then my son took care of it when we lost some data in a viral attack versus nothing yet for either of the Macs. However the fact we can’t do any upgrades with the desktop Mac has seen my son buying an external HD for safety concerns and eventually we just upgraded to an Time Machine to serve both it and the laptop, so it’s not like we have not spent any money on them.

Time machine is indeed a cool application.  :sunglasses:

The cost of supporting a computer, whether it be a Mac or a PC, lies in the competence of the person using it.

Agreed.  However, it can be argued that a mac ,once set-up, is less prone to down time, and requires less intervention from a technician.  That is the point of the article.

Yea I read the article and see no proof of how they come up with this conclusion outside of doing a survey.  It’s an article written by a guy who has an obvious bias for Apple.

“Chris has written about music, photography, vegetarian dining, and of course Apple.

Someone brought in a Macbook with a dead motherboard once in all the years I’ve been in business.
In december we saw seven similar HP laptops (w Turion 64), oldest 14 mos all with dead motherboards. About the same number of other dead PCs.
Also saw an old dead eMachine once, bounced off a truck with no tailgate.

We also build PC desktops exclusively in house, as DOA out of the box brand names were running as high as 20% vs maybe four of our units required serious work in their warranty term.

BeOS costs notably less to support than windows too.

Of course I’d meant to say, “Time Capsule, aka the cats’ favorite resting spot…” It’s serving the two house Macs and my husband’s work laptop as well,plus wireless for everything Apple. I’d be very curious to know how much info it’s got on it, I think they got a 1TB unit.

Oh and I was somewhat amused earlier this month when I attended a VIU info session with my son, who will be taking IT courses there in the fall. My husband chose the Apple laptop so that he’d have something for his coursework and it was funny to hear the course head assure the prospective students that a laptop in the $600-700 range would be quite adequate for their needs. Needless to say, by the time you factor in the initial price plus the goodies they picked up at the time of purchase, my son ended up with a Lexus when he only needed a Celica!!  :unamused:

OMG that’s still around?

No… well sorta but that’s not the point :wink:

ubuntu :smile:

I agree with the survey. I’ve been back in rupert for 6 years and I’ve “fixed” probably 15 pc’s in that time and 1 mac so the facts seem to be that pc’s are more prone to  ‘problems’, but I have noticed most of it is user error also. Probably mac users are more experienced user.
to stop the pc users from keep bugging me to fix the problems , I started charging them the going rate.

15 to 1 eh? what do you figure the market share of Mac’s in prince Rupert is? If its bellow 7% you will need to repair a few more PC’s to bring it to an equable level.

I have always felt one of the benefits to using a Mac, is the amount of control apple has over the product. There are no annoying software conflicts with Mac’s because apple tests everything that is written for them. Try doing that for PC’s.

cough  Slackware cough  :smiley:

cough os/2 cough