Surfing wireless

this old wavelan card works on 2000! no driver needed, just wish i had a good battery.

uptime on this fully charged ibook is 4.5 hours. lastnight i had it going for about 4.5 hours then it needed to be charged…

i inhereted this asus laptop sort of [lost the girl, gaimed a laptop. if it was a mac, it’d be worth it] but can’t get a replacement battery for it. this one only holds 30 mins or so.
nonetheless, it’s way too cool to lay in bed and surf the net.

yeah that is one bad thing about pc laptops some of them the ibm’s are really expensive same with the toshiba and asus your going to pay alot for… the mac ones are pretty cheap like this ibook one i should buy another one. for it… but first a base-station… i hate this wire shit…

this one cost us $3200 a couple years ago. i dont hink asus makes notebooks anymore.
toshiba 2.6 was going for 1699 this week in PG

yup asus still makes laptop’s…

i don’t recommend them unless they make some very big improvements in their rma and parts depts… and i use asus’s other stuff almost exclusively. they make a damn good wireless pcmia card **