Sure we may have a few challenges, but we’ve never lost anyone to a dingo!

Back in the seventies the Australian rock band Men at Work put out a song that summed up all of the adventurous nature of the Aussie spirit, a little ditty called Down Under. It was a lively tune, showing the Australian spirit of exploration and highlighting their image of bold and brave navigators of the world.

But upon further review, one of the key parts of the chorus was perhaps, a hint though of what may actually be the true Aussie spirit…

Cant you hear, cant you hear the thunder?
You better run, you better take cover.

Who knew that they were actually so afraid?

In fact who really knew that our impression of Aussies as wild outdoorsy, adventure seeking types is all wrong! Instead it seems, at least from what their government is advising, they very well may be timid little creatures, more afraid of their shadows, fearful of strange places, and cautious not to stray too far from a government suggested comfort zone.

In an unusual move, the Australian government has issued a travel advisory of sorts to their world explorers, advising that Canada is perhaps a place where caution must always be employed…

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