Superman Returns

Following a mysterious absence of several years, the Man of Steel comes back to Earth in the epic action-adventure Superman Returns, a soaring new chapter in the saga of one of the world’s most beloved superheroes. While an old enemy plots to render him powerless once and for all, Superman faces the heartbreaking realization that the woman he loves, Lois Lane, has moved on with her life. Or has she? Superman’s bittersweet return challenges him to bridge the distance between them while finding a place in a society that has learned to survive without him. In an attempt to protect the world he loves from cataclysmic destruction, Superman embarks on an epic journey of redemption that takes him from the depths of the ocean to the far reaches of outer space.

Theatrical Release Date: Jun 30, 2006 (Wide)

Cast & Crew:
Brandon Routh, Kevin Spacey, Kate Bosworth, James Marsden, Hugh Laurie directed by Bryan Singer

batman is still cooler.

Superman is cool. That’s why Seifeld and Daffy Duck (aka) Super Duck likes him. Plus he could kick Batman’s ass anyday, any Planet.

This movie isn’ goin to do much good, at least that’s what I think now…

Superman’s boring. He has virtually every power you would want and he’s invulnerable (except for when he’s exposed to kryptonite); might as well be fighting God.

He cannot fight God. He is God. His Dad is the Mayor of Kryponite and made his son GOD. Sent him to earth to help humans. And nobody respects that of Superman. Aka Clark Kent, Cluck Trent (Daffy).
Jerry and myself along with Jerry’s friends and probably a more here in P.R.

Yea but bat man has no super powers. He had to work his way to status as super hero.

Man if some one from krypton came to earth and found super man he’d laugh at him from being such a loser having to go to a weaker planet to look cool. If super man wants respect he shoul go live on a diff planet with stronger and or people of the same strength.