Superman and He-Man


I was never an avid comic book collector but I did read MAD for quite a while.

Yep Superman is gonna get his ass kicked.

He Man it the strongest guy in the universe and super man is just the strongest guy on earth.

Did He-man have any weaknesses ie. Superman Kryptonite?

I’m not a huge comic fan myself. My roommate showed me this, and it looked awesome. I mean, He-Man, I watched it as a kid, had the action figures…

Superman. What’s not to like, right?? It’s funny stuff. Check out the rest of their propaganda comics. Superman meets the Nestle Quik Bunny, Superman vs. Muhammed Ali (check out pg 37 on it, great desktop image, heh).

I don’t think He-Man had any weaknesses. But I don’t know. We should ask Lord Zedd. He might know about some of the skeletor/he-man fights.
Yo Zedd, you around?