Super job northen bc games

I just like to congratulate the organizing committee for a super job
in the running of the games,you all deserve a gold medal thank you.

Come on now , I am sure Curnes made you say that for him . Got to make him look good .

Well the organizers and volunteers did do a pretty remarkable job, so they do deserve congratulations on pulling the event together and having it run so well.

I heard from my friends who volunteered all weekend, that the visitors were very happy with how well organized the Northern Winter Games were. thanks to the volunteers !!! :smiley:
The weather was great, which is a huge factor when visitors are in Rupert . No big incidents at all…
Rupert received quite a few medals… congrats…

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Yes kudos indeed to the committee, our family had a great time watching the games and had billets that went from being shy and unsure to kids running wild and lounging all over the house (I loved it), there is nothing more that makes a house then a house filled with energetic kids. 

Thanks to everybody who made this possible, our family had a wonderful time and my two young kids are wanting to know when can we have more billets. 

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Well done to all the folks that were involved in putting the games on! You all did Rupert proud and thanks for all your efforts.

I brought in a couple of billets, and it was a great experience.  Now my young daughters want to be archers.  Very cool!