Super Hans real identity

Super Hans real identity  is no other then Matt King the English actor and comedian best known for his role as crack-addicted Super Hans in the television comedy series Peep Show, from 2003-2007.

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Are you sure that you are right, skinny little shit

seen the trailer for RocknRolla and recognized him right away…LMAO

This just in:  MadMax is actually a character in a movie, played by Mel Gibson.  Jesus is God’s son.  I have no idea what an astrohugyouall is though.

Good job Astro!

I thought it was obvious.  It’s a funny TV show too.  Maybe I’ll change my name to Homer Simpson, and you can use your detective skills to figure out that identity.  Or just use google?

I don’t get it. I thought you were going to give us the guy’s real name, not just the fact that Super Hans isn’t his real name. Did you even type “super hans” into google? Did you think it was his real name?

I agree, Peep Show is awesome. I watched an entire season on a Vancouver - Montreal flight a few months ago.  Sorta like an English Odd Couple, but with first-person POV and internal monologue. 

if you are talking to me, I seen a preview of the upcoming movie RocknRolla and recognized one of the actors, as our “Super hans” if you go to this topic … 415.0.html

our “super hans” says and I quote

suggesting that he is the guy in the picture. Like the rest of you I never seen the show Super Hans so I believed that was actual him, I also thought from the building in the photos back ground he was from back east.

anywho I goggled the movie “RocknRolla” and then went to

and seen the picture of Mat King, clicked his icon and read that he was on a TV show called peepshow.

as for his real identity MiG, :sunglasses: I could give a rats ass, :wink: he is funny and makes me laugh, I would never Rat anyone out that I have met on the street,  And I have met a lot of members already.  :smiley: