Sup All im New here

how long does it take for you to learn that the window is not a door

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  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • Never
  • Right away

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hey all at hackingthemainframe i just joined… well like my avatar :question: :question: :question:

1, 2, 3, or 4 what?

Where’re you from?

starcraft is bunk now… templar man, but what are your units…?

Good way to join teh family, with that extremely clever poll.

i don’t understand. what do you mean??? :confused:

this is a very simple thread so far… odd to see you confused on such a simple matter

This girl who was living with me once walked right into a patio door thinking it was open. The patio door separated an small sunroom with an outside door from the living room in our apartment. Someone rang the door bell so she walked at a good pace and never saw the glass door. I laugh so hard that I almost had to sleep on the sofa. Anyway, we put stickers on the glass at eye level. Too bad we didn’t have htmf stickers then.

You know what? I’m watching a Seinfeld episode, and the Chinese guy’s name is Ping.

What a cool name.


Man, I had a Ping Putter, it ruled, but I lost it, somewhere, I think someone took it, since they knew this Ping putter was like ancient and wicked good.

That Mcdonalds commercial with the dude and his window rolled up trying to order rules. COFFEE AND MCMUFFIN!

hey guysa, i dunno why im postying i am really wasted. we are watching cky hahahahhsa i have fun getting mest on my frinds 18 birthdayu

What are the units of measurement for the poll?

This forum sucks.

The only thing cool about Ping is Mr. Ping… he’s off the hook!

I saw this woman on the bus who looked exactly like Ryan Last.

Wicked cool.

Somebody done did drawed this on my computer on Sept 1st… but I don’t remember doing it…

I think it was a future look at me… dribblin’ Chaw all over myself… and sippin’ on a Six Banger…

It’s a wicked good pictar though!

im loving your inflated right side