Sunset Pictures :D

Took this out side my house lastnight playing with the nikon camera. I love the orange on the clouds.

any one else got shots like this. ?

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Very cool.

Would be even better without all the poles and lines :wink:

I know i would have posted but the train was going at that time. I think i have some better ones too. I’ll post them :smiley:
I wish i had the time to take lessons how to use my nikon camera better.

Often you can take better shots just by moving.  Like move under the powerline and take a shot, so that the line isn’t in it.

Maybe expose it a bit longer?

Great start though, sunsets are nice.

I like this one…

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look ma NO POWER LINES :smiley:

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Love pictures like that but mine never turn out that good.

It was on auto so i can’t take all the credit :smiley:

I love the camera, it has a built in help system. it’s pretty slick.

Here’s my favourite shot, I got pretty lucky. It was a very nice sunset when I decided to snap a few, by the time I got down to the waterfront it was even nicer.

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That is exactly what i was looking to get. I will be coming to rupert some day and will have to snap a few hundred down at the water front again.


Beautiful shot, Nate:-)

I have some shots, but not of Rupert - these were taking out my back door in Mackenzie in November 2006…

These happened often, but it only lasted about 10 minutes each day, so you had to be fast.

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NICE pictures… do you have them in hi rez ? Can i get them ?

Here is a picture that i used my tri-pod on today and took really nice macro with.

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I have mine in hi rez but why do you want them?  :stuck_out_tongue:

because they are nice…

Here is a snap of me still playing with macro. Used my new phone,

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I don’t have any sunset pictures, but here are a couple of my favourites.  The first is Prudhomme Lake about an hour after sunrise.  The second was last summer in Jasper.

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I have no idea how to post pictures on here but here’s a link to my photo website.

Edit:  Here is a picture from your site with a sunset.  I’m not sure if it’s the one you wanted posted:

Basically, to post pictures from your site, you need to put the address between the image tags ( img and /img, both in square brackets like this:).  If you have the picture on your computer, you can attach it to your message using “Additional Options” on the bottom of the message box.

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Great pictures.  I really like the Prudhomme Lake photo and the Whale Park.  Intense colours.
Here is a sunset over Pacific waters (Digby Island).
The next two are sunrises over Atlantic waters on Lameque Island, NB.  The last one is a sunset behind my summer place on the same island.

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I really like that last one.  It’s a perfect candidate for HDR.