Sunny Prince Rupert

      :sunglasses:  oh how nice it is when the sun shines for more that a couple days…
5 more days they are saying, awwwwwwwwsome…
I just hung out one of my bird feeders, as the birds are singing up a storm in the morning…
maybe start cleaning the around the garden, just to get ready. Doesn’t it feel great to go to work in daylight and come home before dark… happy…happy…happy :smiley:

Totally agree with you My2cents, it is awesome!!!

Rupertites embrace global warming  :stuck_out_tongue:

Just remember to protect yourself by covering up your head and apply lotion to protect your sensitive skin.

Ah yes, has been great weather, the kind of stuff that should lure thousands to our shores boosting the economy, spurring on the real estate, creating jobs, adding to the shopping options with super malls and outlet stores and fast food places by the dozens.

We’ll be building schools and recreation centers, adding to the tax base,  we could be the next sunspot destination to threaten Kelowna.

Quick, quick a little rain before I have to change my name to ajaye.

None the less, has been some remarkable weather hope it stays with us for a while, it’s kind of different being able to get outside without having to wring yourself out upon your return. :smiley:

Awesome weather!  :sunglasses:  I was down at Breakers today for a brew and the view across the harbour was breath taking.
There is no place on Earth more beautiful than Prince Rupert on a sunny day.

Ditto Hitest, I agree!!!  :sunglasses:

Yep, when the weather is nice, it’s really really nice but when the weather is bad, it’s horrible!!

  have a good weekend guys…make the best of the next 4-5 days of guaranteed sunshine… do not sit in the house dammit !!!    :sunglasses:

Ah Yes, Mid February, spending the afternoon on the sundeck in shorts and a T-shirt, flowers in the garden budding and saw a bumble bee out already. But don’t be lulled into a false sense of reality, we could be back under several feet of snow before the end of winter, so don’t take your snow tires off just yet!