Summer Camps?

Looking for a summer camp for my child.  Tried searching the web, Nothing closer than Prince George.

Does anyone know of any camps run locally,  or out of Terrace?

I don’t know if Sally Anne is running them this year but you might try the office.  I would wait until after this weekend though as they are busy with their 100th. anniversary celebrations.  250 624 6180  Terrace, I don’t know !

Horse Camp! its in Smithers, at least it used to be! :stuck_out_tongue:

Expat, between Houston and Smithers there are two (Salvation Army and Rough Acres (supported by some of the churches in Terrace).  Pentecostal has a camp on the Old Lakesle Lake Rd.  There is also the riding stables at Copper Mountain area (east of Terrace).

Also City of Terrace has summer students put on summer day camps (week long).

You may want to check in with the Friendship House and see if they have something, they had in the past but not sure now.

It has always puzzled me that with all the lakes around the area there is not a permanent camp closer and it could be used for retreats and meetings in the off season.

Try the Friendship House.  They have different Camps thru the summer.  It is open to everyone. 

Are you looking for a “ship 'em off and forget about 'em for a week” type camp or a “stay busy while I work” type camp?

The Civic Centre runs day camps, as does the Friendship House. My kids have been in both and enjoyed both.
There are lots of Bible camps (as a self-identified atheist, these may not be your first choice) but most of them are for a week away (which just might make you thank God).
I have friends who rave about Mountain View Trail Riding ( … il-riding/) who do host kids camps but I don’t know how they are run.

There’s a pentacostal church camp just out of terrace too… a lot of pr.rupert kids go there, i don’t know the info… my kid’s done it three times now but threw my parents… so you can probably find someone who knows in pr rupert.

The Pentecostal church camp is used by all sorts of different church groups…the Fellowship Baptist youth host two camps there (one for juniors, one for older teens) towards the end of summer.

The Baptist church on 6th East runs a camp out of the Pentecostal camp in Terrace. there is a junior camp for those under 12 and then another one for the older kids. It is abround 165 for the week. drop off on Sunday and pick up on Friday. The camp is lots of fun according to my kids.

I used to go to a camp called camp driftwood, it was just past smithers. I have no idea who would run it or anything now. Curious question. Why is it mostly churches that run summer camps around here? Where would the parents of a non religious family send their children? I thought the Civic center used to run day camps. Do they not do that anymore? I’d have loved to go to horse camp when I was younger, so if that’s still running, that’s the one I’d suggest.

The churches run the camps I think because there is no one else that does away camps other than horse camp.  The rec centre has day programs but they have not really changed that much in 10 years.  Same title etc. The friendship house often has good camps as well.

Where would the parents of a non religious family send their children? [/quote]

I think most Non religious familys would send thier children to a religious camp.  I would,  and do.  Though if there was a choice I might not.  It would come down to the quality and reputation of the camp.  I am a strong minded athiest,  however being so means that my children have a choice of what they choose to believe.  I have had my child in a different type of scripture class for the first years of his school career.  The Canadian school system does not allow for this,  so I no longer do it.

Thank you every one for your input,  got some good leads so far.  in fort st james ages 6-12 and a camp for teens 195$for the week . got me interested in looking lol

My kid wont be going to a religious camp ever.  She’d probably be safe though since they seem to be more interested in little boys.

Ok but seriously I dont trust religious folks. They always seem to be trying to find sly little ways to lure young minds into their cult and I dont like it.

To the person who asked why churches run most of the camps… indoctrination thats why.

My daughter can read about religion if she chooses and once she moves out if she wants to join some religion fine but not under my roof.

Wonder if Herbie offers computer classes for it. Could have your kid end up with a summer job at the end of the week! :smiley:

Jesus your doing the same thing you are saying religious groups do.  Atheisim requires a kind of faith as well.  Faith that what you don’t believe in our case is the right way.  I feel that freedom to choose and they will find thier own way.  I will not force my belief system on others,  even my own.  Do you not agree Jesus?  After all is that not what we dislike about organized religion?

Perhaps I am doing the same thing but I dont care. I will expect my daughter to have more brains than to fall into the trap of organized religion and if she doesnt well then theres nothing I can do but religion is not welcome in my house.

I’m a Zen Buddhist; I am rather indifferent to religion in general.  I don’t encourage or discourage spirituality in my children.  My children will find their pathway as they get older.  I will guide them if they want my point of view.

I wont discourage any spiritual beliefs just like I wont discourage her from believing in santa claus. I will however discourage her from falling for organized religion/cults as they are in my opinion very dangerous organizations.

Just look at the cause of most world wars :wink: in spite of what tv tells us its not just muslims that cause wars I’m pretty sure christians/catholics started a few too. 

I don’t like religions, or faith, or anything remotely like it.

To believe is to know you believe, and to know you believe is not to believe.
    Jean-Paul Sartre