Summer accomodation

Hi everyone,

I’m moving to PR for the summer, from either May 7 or 14 until the last week of August.  Can anyone point me to short-term rental accomodation, preferably furnished or semi-furnished?  Somewhere close to the downtown or on a bus route is best.

Thanks so much!

are you looking to share a place or what spouse and i have a  spare room  thats not in use, needs to be cleaned up though. what price range are you looking for and are you male or female

I know a place or two in Port Ed as long as you don’t mind trailor park brawls, mulletts, dog fights, and general craziness.  ask mad max. 

I’m already growing my mullet in anticipation.

EJM, i’m not much for sharing - I’m looking for a studio or 1 bedroom apt or suite in a house I guess.  To clarify my main question – is there anywhere online that people in PR use to post housing? 

Also if I call a realtor (as suggested in other postings) do I have to pay them to find me a place?  That’s probably an obvious yes, but still.

And if I can’t find anything by the time I have to be there, where is the best place to stay for a few days which is a) relatively safe, b) close to downtown where I’m working, and c) not stupidly expensive?

THANKS again for any help!

I’ve heard the Pioneer Hostel is really nice for short term rentals. And virtually hobo free. and they’re really close to downtown.