Suicidal skateboarders

I’m pretty understanding when it comes to skateboarders riding on the sidewalk or along the side of the road.  It’s not ideal but I understand the need for some give and take between skateboarders and other pedestrian/motorists on the road.
What I don’t understand, is what I saw again today… a skateboarder riding right down the center line of a 4 lane road (McBride St).  Heading down the hill around the 800 block.  That’s just plain crazy!  :astonished:
Not the first time this summer that I have seen skateboarders on the center yellow line.

  • Joe

I’d actually like to know what the rules are for skateboarders.  Are they the same as bicycles on the road - as in treat them like any other vehicle on the road - or are they breaking the law when they are in the middle of the road?  A friend seems to think that they are to be treated like pedestrians, but he doesn’t like in BC, so I’m not so sure if that is correct.

I hate how they see you coming and don’t even attempt to move out of your way. =.=

I’m not sure exactly which laws apply, I just don’t want to see anyone get nailed by a car.  I know some of these guys are pretty good on their skateboards, but it can’t be very easy to maneuver/stop when you’re going down hill at speed.  And the driver of the car that hits them is going to feel really bad too. 

  • Joe

I’m guessing that it is against the law to skate-board down the center line.

I agree that thre has to be some give and take, but also some sense should prevail. Those guys are moving pretty fast, but if my car can’t avoid the boarders, they lose, would not be a pretty sight.

Just the other day, some dumb ass kid on a skateboard ran out on the road with a car coming…guy had to slam on his brakes, and the kid didn’t even look like he cared.

Just one word: stupid.