Suggestions PLEASE!

So here is my situation,
I use my MP3 extensively and I am seriously getting tired of the music I have been rotating. To be honest, he music I currently have is mostly mainstream rock, rap and hip hop and pop.
So what I am asking is some suggestions for some good music that is not mainstream or that is less popular or newer artists, with the emphasis on "GOOD."
Thank you in advance! :confused:

anything that isnt nickelback  :imp:

johnny cash
ramones for a couple

CBC3 has good new Canadian music.

I also use The Best Radio You Have Never Heard

How about some good old fashioned “Blues”  Etta James and so on…And then on the flipside, Amy Whinehouse, Duffy, Coldplay and do not forget my hometown gal, RITA CHIARELLI, just here a couple of months ago  FANTASTIC  :smiley: especially her rendition of the Thrill is Gone  !!!  (Rita Chiarelli with The Thunder Bay Orchestra, Great stuff!!!)

Speaking of Etta James man is she getting cranky in her old age… … once.jhtml

I think I’d put my money on Beyonce on any ass whoopin, but I don’t think she’s likely to take on a 70 something diva…  :smiley:

I can almost guarantee you haven’t heard this before.


**\b] basically once you’re signed up and you download the little interface program you type in a band you link and it gives you music similar to theirs.  Click love, hate or skip.  It’s pretty awesome. **

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Y control
Bloc Party - Helicopter
Modest Mouse - Dashboard
Wiz Khalifa (try a few of his songs)