Suggestions of some ideas what to do in PR on a rainy day! :)

I know this sounds funny, as I have read many posts about the tourists that come through our community and really what is there to do? 

Well, I check in with HTMF to find out what is actually happening in our community.  So, because it is very wet outside, I thought it would be fun to let others know what is happening or suggestions what to do on a rainy day!!

  1. Checking in on HTMF, works better than a weather report.  :wink:

1.  Logging on at HTMF.
2.  World Cup.
3.  Summer time reading.
4.  Tinker with my computers.

canning sockeye and getting th fish ready for smoking

Wow, sounds like fun!!  I know it is a lot of work canning but it is wonderful to take salmon sandwiches to work!!!  Smoke fish?  Great, where do you live?  Love to try some.  :smile:

As for me:  Cleaning house and perhaps later going down town for coffee.  :smile:

Oh, I thought you meant what to do out on the town on a rainy day  :confused: Well then, I guess I will contemplate my navel, watch my cat sleep and then watch her nap, cut my toenails and after all these mind stimulating and tiring activities, I will have a nap, with my cat !!  I do enjoy a rainy day  :wink:

Turn your bed into a pirate ship…your living room into the beach…your kitchen into the ocean…and hunt for treasure in your couch  :smiley:

Note: This works well if you have small children with wild imaginations (theres a crocodile in my kitchen)  :smile:

Or, just go outside…its only rain and there is a fine product available called Gore-Tex.  :imp:

PS - We aren’t made of sugar.

 I hate gettin wet…  

so how about catching up on a few e-mails…make some cookies… I love doing jigsaw puzzles, and having a coffee and baileys on the side… stay in your jammies today… :smiley:

Speak for yourself there Hoser  :smiley:

I agree Codybear, I once complained to someone here of the lack of things to do in town and got my head torn off…what a rant she gave me but in the end she didn’t suggest things i can easily do.  She mentioned going out on a boat and beachcombing, she mentioned spending weekends in the Queen Charlottes, etc…but what is there to do?  I guess I could get my lazy ass off the couch and go to the over-crowded hot-tub at the pool for a bit.  I can join the many that hang out at Tim Horton’s but I hate their coffee and anyway, I have no one to go with so that would be boring.  Is the theatre open?  How bout strolling in the mall?  Now that sounds like fun!  Nope, for me i guess it will be walking the dog in the rain, a quick trip to Safeway and home again to play here. 

Wow, this thread is not to go so much with the negative stuff.  I was hoping people would make suggestions what they do on a rainy day like today, in Prince Rupert. 

Some awesome ideas with the kids Stack and do love the idea of baking cookies, jigsaw puzzles.  And yes I do see many at Tim Horton’s with friends and families.  It’s great!!  And of course, walking the dog. My girlfriend does get me out with her on days like today, but she is out of town so am safe.  :smile:

As for the tourists and doing activities, sorry but we live in Prince Rupert. Occasionally there might be an event. 

However, I like the rain and it is an opportunity to do stuff inside and also visit with family and friends.  :sunglasses:

I was only having fun with my previous post BettyBoop, nothing negative !  No, I don’t really like the rain so this is a day that I have long phonecalls with loved ones, drink hot chocolate in my fuzzy robe (that I love !!), pay my bills (don’t love that!)and generally just veg out, looking forward to the Lions game later, read a bit and get ready for Monday and back to work.  Not a negative at all, a day at home, in from the rain but yes, I am watching my cat sleep, thinking what a life  :smiley:  I have to agree with rojafrog, a little bit though, not a great deal to do in the outside world but that is always a whole other topic. Stay dry everybody !

SLEEP!! With my allergies it seems to be all I do lately. If my nose gets plugged, I start to get dozey and fall asleep. But, even though it may be raining, if I felt the need to venture outside, I’d check out butze trail. On most of it, there’s too much tree covering to get very wet. Plus, it’s amusing if one of your friends falls backwards into the mud. (happened on a hike I went on in highschool one year. Hillarious!) If you have a car, you could always drive down to the waterfront and watch the angry waves crash into the beach and rocks. Maybe bring a book with you, at least you’d keep dry. Puddle jumping, if you’re willing to get a bit damp. Cause there’s NO shortage of puddles to jump into when it’s raining in Prince Rupert.

go for  brunch, take the dogs for a walk , then have a cofee and play some computer games or watch a movie and keep warm lol

Good idea and sorry Bettyboop if it sounds negative.  I do get down in the bad weather because I am so physically affected by the damp and I have trouble finding things to do in town.  I have lived in over 30 towns and I find this the hardest to meet people in.  Perhaps its is because I am past the bar crowd age of hanging out but I think its not a very friendly place at times.  I was told that people don’t open up to newcomers because they leave so often.  I am guilty as heck too cause I haven’t joined clubs and I am not outgoing.  I find it hard to break the ice and have a shyness issue. My physical disability prevents me from joining alot of activities.  But, I see a break out there in the weather so I am off to walk the dog, come home and bake and play on the computer. I wish there was something like ceramics club in town or a baking club or a community kitchen, maybe crafter’s club…I don’t know but it seems to fall short on that end. 

Drop by for a mocha from Cowpuccino’s.
Drive to Terrace for better, warmer weather.
Have a Teen/Mozza Burger.

  1. Grab an umbrella / Baseball Cap and water-resistance jacket.
  2. Grab a mocha from Cowpuccino’s or a Double-double from Timmies.
  3. Grab a bundle or two of firewood (Husky).
  4. Drive out to Dianna.
  5. Have a covered / uncovered campfire / picnic.
  6. {Optional} Skip Options #1-#5 (#2 Optional): Opt Instead for Grand Theft Auto 4.
  7. {Optional} Skip Options #1-#5: Wait until it stops raining. Enjoy.

Really when it rains here, much of the time it is cold rain - you can do things in warm rain and enjoy yourself (if you give it a chance) but cold rain pretty much eliminates any enjoyment your average person would experience in an outing in the rain. So, you’re left staying indoors with cooking/inactivity or suffering (and making whatever you can out of the miserable experience) through the cold rain.

Just my ¢2.  :wink:

You could go up the gondola on Mount Hays…
Or go to the Miller Bay u catchem lake or the petting Zoo there…

Shit!!!  Im twenty years behind the times…Sorry

Well, look at that!!!  The sun is out everyone.  So this day that began as a down day for many actually turned out AWESOME!!!  :smile:

As for me, well I did get some of those things I said I was gonna do and even more. 

As for PR, there are many AWESOME people who live here!!!  Rain or shine, everyone still can smile.  Fantastic suggestions and ideas, and as I am sure, there are many more.

Thank you for those who added to the thread and amazing how many just visit the site.  Can words brighten someone’s day?  Most definitely!!!  So it is my wish everyone to have a great evening!!!  :sunglasses:

Suppose to be Nice ALL Week!  :sunglasses:  :smiley: and I am hoping so!!! Another thing (sunny or Raining) Go Kayaking out on Kaloy Bay (pardon Spelling) Threw skeena kayaking (just went on a tour on a rainy day and never seen soo calm of water)

I had a repair guy come in to look at my dryer a couple weeks ago, he said the motor was dead, and it’d be $300 for a new one, plus the installation fees, so for about three weeks i’ve been hang drying my laundry.

on sunday’s I do my laundry, so I started there.  fixed a family members computer, played some games, and got bored, so I took the dryer apart, cleaned out the inside a bit.
a duct came loose, so I cleaned the surface fixed that, then noticed that there is a foam piece that acts as a spacer between the drum and the door that came loose and was pinching on one side.  I pulled the front door off, reseated it, put the door back and the drum started spinning again, so I put it back together and turned it on… it works fine now.

probably voided my warrenty but it saved me over $300 in repairs. now I don’t have to hang my clothes up on sundays anymore :smile: they dry very slowly inside on rainy days.

other then that, seems like all there is to do really in this town is go for a walk, rain or shine I see people along with myself walking everywhere, you could rent a movie from Henry’s and get some popcorn and just relax probably, or find something productive.

check your list of things you wanted to take care of but kept putting them off until you absolutely have to.