Stupid question

How do i put an image in my post?

like this one about the

Genuine Vancouver Harbor Crab

Surroung it with img ] /img ] (but with no spaces)

Looks like the crab is about done by that picture…now where did I put the melted butter…

ill eat the crab after he has his little fix… : O)

haha nooope i wouldnt eat that crab after its done that…

Thx. Here’s one for the picture posting kids in Rupert:


try again:


aha. must no urls…

one for practice

This is what happened to the crabs after the previous pics were taken:

well i dunno a lil while ago or somthing i heard that there was a fish shipping plant in rupert that was sending crabs out with heroin in them… first i heard of it, and really i dont remember who… :confused:

but yeah like 16 mill in heroin that was stashed in the crabs…

in< the containers the crabs were in, so like underneath a couple tons of live, icy, slushy snapping bastards, i dont blame customs or whatever for not looking.

pretty genius if ya ask me, apparently the guy only got popped because he was trying to go out on his own, without the group, and they got pissed and tipped the authorities off.

yeah, so you heard about that too… But like i heard that they can’t go ahead with the crimminal prosucting. because phone taps are illegal in rupert and thats how they did it… or somthing?

i dont think it has anything to do with it being in rupert regarding the phone taps…

ahhh see i dunno, just saw yeah coop riding the bike too bad the other window wasn’t down was gonna yelll at yeah… up by rosevelt. bout 11:45

thats really creepy, i had a feeling someone was looking at me up there.