Stupid Kid key'd my car

Some kid key’d 4 cars on my street that I know of.  One of them was mine, its only 4 months old.


I have a stupid kid story, my daughter took the bus from PG to the Fort Friday and there were a couple yeehaws hitting on her she tried to ignore.
They were passing a whisky bottle back and forth, and she was nice enuff not to rat them out. Just as they neared town, one lit a firework inside the bus as a ‘joke’ and couldn’t stub it out. So he tossed it under her seat and it exploded on the back of her legs.
So the bus driver doesn’t turn into the depot. He turns directly into the copshop.

No idea what became of the 2 boys. What pissed me is the cops immediately grabbed my daughter and asked the driver "her too?"
The driver said no not her, and she walked to my place.

Here’s what pisses me. They scared her with that. She pulls up her pant leg and shows me, there’s a massive BURN on her leg, and three or four BLOODIED HOLES where the exploding paper broke the skin and raised welts.
She flat refused to go to the copshop with me. Says she’d get in shit for not ratting the kids out for drinking, and they already think she was in on it.
Because she’s 21…

I really cant say I blame her. I have a hard time trusting cops as well.

What’s stupid is those idiots should have been charged with assault and reckless endangerment and they won’t be. And no message will be sent except a good laugh at some party to encourage the next moron to do something even stupider.
If they’d pulled that stunt an hour earlier at Bednesti, a busload of people could have died!

with all the vandalism going on in town I can’t help but wonder what happened to the bicycles the R.C.M.P. bought so they could have a higher profile.  This was supposed to deter  the vandals and the drug dealers.  I saw a few pictures of mounties during tourist season a few years ago.  What happened?  Maybe they got a flat???

Jesus, you still have not answered my post re the Personal trainer for Gary Shields. I just wanted to know where you work out of and is there membership . Re this post you can trust the cops get away fro the rumors, when dealing with any cop get his or her name or number if you run into a situation contact Staff Sgt. or the Inspector. They are trying to do the right thing believe me. Even picking kids up and driving them home and waking parents up.

at least your hot 21 year old daughter didn’t get beheaded.

Oh, topical and insanely dark. Bravo.