Stupid Fog Horn

Another reason I hate the cruise ship

wow how insightful, and deep man. makes me wounder how you come up with this
inspiring little one line sentence’s that convey so much thought. I mean in 6 worlds you have informed us why you hate the cruise ship, nothing more nothing less.

Bot-boy I’m going out on a limb here, but you  do amaze me with all the knowledge that gets convade  in those one line sentence’s of yours. You could be the next Philosopher of our time.

my hats of to bot-boy…


astrothug:  I get the sense that you and billy won’t be exchanging Christmas cards this holiday season.  Funny stuff, man. :smiley:

I think Astrothug convade his message to Billy in a peculiar way.  I wonder what’s the deal with the possessive sentences?

All we need now is to have jleaman pwn Astrothug.

excuse me; but I was not trying to be rude to billy. I was reaching out to billy with a olive branch.


Jleaman and myself are friends and do miss him its funny that your first post would mention jleaman, me thinks convade = jleaman.

I will admit to being literally being blasted out of bed one Saturday morning back in the 80’s when I was living on Atlin Ave. and the Pacific Princess came gliding into port and let loose a long one…one minute sound asleep, next moment on the floor beside my bed.

Not something my friends and family back on the prairies could really understand!  :wink Don’t recall having a grudge over it though…

Olive branch, indeed;-)

i think astro forgot the knife so billy could cut all the branches off the olve branch. making his own wip to flog billys bumb.

Was it even the cruise ship making the noise? I heard more than one ship out there…

Geez, imagine… ships trying to be safe and using their fog horns when it’s foggy out!  How dare they!

I know eh? I rather liked hearing that this morning.
Haven’t heard it in so long.

Classic billy thread.  :astonished:

I’d like to know who he is, and why he hides.

Maybe it’s someone really important or something.


I almost fell off my bed

QFT! :smiley:

It woke me up when I didn’t want to wake up. Why couldn’t they just wing it and charge through the fog? Make an adventure out of it.

The fog horns woke my 4 year old son up at 7 AM this morning, and we live East of Fredrick on 11th.  It was a great morning,…I’m glad we were able to enjoy it.

Personally, I loved the fog horns yesterday morning. Having lived in Prince Rupert for about 20 years now, I know that fog in the morning means it will be a beautiful day and I’m never going to complain about a beautiful day in Rupert!
As for hating the Cruise Ships… did you know that each person on those ships that come into our harbour, spends an average of $55.00 in our community. That’s a heck of an economic impact that will allow the city to deal with the infrastructure and service that was being complained about in the beautiful tribute to our community posted by p.lao. If the only real inconvenience to you is a fog horn on a foggy day and having to detour around one block of third avenue on a Thursday night…well, 'nuff said!