Stupid 1-800 numbers

How often do you get a person calling for cancer or some sort of disability.
I get so annoyed.  From now on im going to prank the fu*k out of them till
they stop  calling me. 

I hate it, my phone is for people that want to get a hold of me, i dont pay
citytel for harassement phonecalls

I use caller id and my answering machine.
If they really wanted to talk to me they’d leave a message.

I’m not sure what this has to do with 1-800 numbers (are you calling a 1-800 number?  do you have a 1-800 number)?  You shouldn’t be getting telemarketing calls on your 1-800 number, as you’re paying per call.

Get an answering machine and screen your calls.  I used to have the voicemail thing, but I replaced it with a machine, so I could hear who was calling, and decide wether to answer or not.

I also have this tone on my machine, at the beginning of the message (see attachment).  A lot of auto-dialers will mark a number as unreachable or disconnected when they hear those tones.

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

I also use an answering machine to screen my calls.  If I do pick up and a telemarketer is going into his/her sales pitch I politely cut them off and terminate the call.

Well if you think that is annoying. You should try having a fax machine call you at 4am every day for a week and see how annoyed you get… The solution. Hooked up the mac and turn on faxing to receive faxes. The next day i got the number that was faxing me and i sent them 150 messages that night saying STOP FAXING MY HOUSE… i think i wasted a lot of there paper but they got the ideas… :smile:

I had that happen too, scared the crap out of me the first time it happened.  I wish I knew about hooking my computer up to the phone to receive the message, what an excellent way to get the message across. :laughing:

Awesome solution, man!  Very cool.  I bet they leave you alone now! :smiley:

:sunglasses: We all know that ppl need jobs, but what an annoying job these guys have for prolly only 5-8 bucks an hour.  Geeeeeeesh!!! Go to school!!!