Stunt Kites

Anyone have any experience flying trick or stunt kites…I have two or three, a couple really big ones, (once got air under me flying it in Vancouver) and a really fast baby bee.  I have forgotten the little I know about flying them and would love to try it again.  If you have flown maybe we can try them out.  I only have one line but will pick up another one in Vancouver in the next couple weeks.  They are a blast. 

That would be so cool to try again. I flew one once back in highschool, the shop teacher had a few so we held class outside on a windy day on CHSS field and had a blast.

So this woman looks out the kitchen window and sees her husband trying to fly a kite. He yanks on the string and it goes up and crashes down.
He yanks on the string and it goes up and crashes down.
He yanks on the string and it goes up and crashes down.
There’s no tail on the kite to balance it. So she opens the window and yells
"Harry, that kite won’t fly! You need a piece of tail!"
Harry scratches his head and yells back “Damn it woman make up your mind. When I wanted that you told me to go fly a kite!”

I am going to pick up line in vancouver next week and drag them out, watch for kites falling from the sky around prss soon!  lol,…what the heck, might as well ruin them playing as have them rot from not ever being used.  They are big!

Go out to ridley, there’s almost always wind out there.

Forget line, wanna know the best way to fly those puppies? Get an old fishing rod, you only want to use the short thick part with one big eye and the reel and make sure you have 30-40 lbs. test line on it. You tie a swivel clip to the fishing line and clip it to the eye on the kite and walla easiest way to let 'er go and a dream to reel it back and ya dont kill yer hands doing it manually and dont need gloves.

That won’t work with the trick kites, you have to handle them with both hands to do the tricks and take-off and land…the method you mention would be good for just plain old kite-flying though. 

The island is closing to the public soon right??  Does anyone when that happens?

I doubt it’s soon. I think they’re all talk and little action.