Students make a stand against 'Ginger' bullying

The halls of Prince Rupert Senior Secondary were a sea of red this morning as hundreds of students made a statement against bullying.

The students wore red clothes, donned red ribbons and dyed their hair red in response to the recent bullying experienced by redheads following an episode of South Park in which Cartman launches a campaign against " The Gingers". Following the episode, a group on Facebook promoting “Kick a Ginger Day” had approximately 5,000 members and countless red haired students across the country were kicked and had to leave school for their own safety as a result. … 90514.html

I really think that the creators of facebook should be moderating this type of thing? My kids are not allowed to watch Southpark , it is really a sick show.  Am I wrong, it this not much the same or like like racial profiling somewhat akin to the “msgs” posted by the group who shall remain nameless but all have no hair, it is very sad I am very happy that the kids at PRSS did the red day.