Street sweeper - where are you?

Has anyone seen the street sweepers? A few blocks of 3rd Avenue looks swept but the majority of downtown is still loaded with gravel, not only on the road but sidewalks too. Makes a good impression for all the folks in town from across the country for the Aboriginal Business Conference this week. Also dangerous. Car pulled away from the curb by Overwaitea and sprayed gravel and dust on Mom with 2 little ones in a stroller. Little girl on my street wiped out on her bike in the loose gravel and broke her arm. The blowing dust is causing problems for many, especially seniors and folks with allergies.

I understand side streets may not be a high priority but the main drags should be swept by now. Maybe everyone should start calling the Works Dept to complain 250-624-6795

Wondering if Mayor and Council’s streets have been swept…hmm?

It would be nice if they would sweep the streets, looks like things are being done a bit slower this year. Look how long it took for the Christmas decorations to go. On another topic of the City, I wonder how much these new garbage containers cost? Their nice and all, but are they really in the budget ??? Especially with all the repairs of the roads that need to be done.

Saw them around 5th/Borden on my way to work Monday morning, I think. Might have been Tuesday.

I saw city workers with leaf blowers, blowing debris off the sidewalks downtown. Perhaps that is a sign?

I was downtown on Monday and saw some store owners taking the cleaning into there own hands. Not only was he washing the sand and gravel from the sidewalk in front of his store but was also cleaning up after a pet owner let there dog use the sidewalk as a bathroom.