Strangest thing happened to me today

This is a long story, bear with me!

So, I went for a walk today with some other women and two of our dogs.

We passed by this house with a boys’ bike in front of it that looked like a good bike (I don’t know much about brands these days, and I know some brands go in and out of favour, but I know that at least years ago, this was a good brand)

We walked past the house, and I remarked that it was going to get stolen, either that, or that it had already been stolen and dumped.

On our way back, it was still there.  So, I went to the door and knocked on it to see if it belonged to anyone.

The boy there said he left it there 'cause he didn’t WANT it anymore.  Then, two pitbull terrier type dogs came running out, and as I walked away, one of them bit my leg, tore up my pants and wouldn’t let go!  Luckily, I had two pairs of pants on ('cause I was walking in the rain) and the dog barely nipped my actual leg, and pretty much just got a mouthful of fabric instead.  I was yelling back to the owners “Your dog is biting me!  He’s tearing my pants!” but didn’t freak out or whatever, and stayed calm as to avoid more harm from the dog. (I kept on walking). 

I left the property and kept on walking without stopping, 'cause I didn’t want the dog to attack me again.

Then, when I got back to my vehicle, I drove back to the house, with intentions of picking up the (obviously) previously stolen bike.  The father was standing outside, waiting to see if I would come back, in hopes to see if I was okay.

Apparently he “rescued” this dog, and it’s “getting better”.

And, apparently, his son told him that he “found” the bike in the bushes.

So, I scooped up the bike and put it in my van, with the hopes of getting it back to its owner.

Now, here are my questions…

One:  Should I report the incident of the dog attacking me, and if yes, who do I report it to?

And Two:  Should I go to the RCMP with the bike, or just put a “found” ad in the paper?


Report both to the RCMP.  If the dog bit you, that’s serious.

If the bike is stolen, the RCMP may have a record of it. 

Do it right now, call the non-emergency line, and they’ll take some of the details and give you a file number, then send an officer to get the rest of the details.  Do it!

You should get the address of the house and report the dog bite to the city bylaw officers

Okay, thanks guys, I called, and will call back in a bit with the address of the house and the serial number of the bike.  The RCMP will deal with both issues.

I’m glad you were not seriously injured by the dog attack!! :astonished:

Thank you.

I think that the fact I was wearing layers, and the fact that I stayed calm helped me out here.  The dog very well could have hurt me.

If I’m not mistaken, dog bites come in three’s.  Kinda like the three strikes, your out rule.  Three bites and they get put down.  Correct me if I’m wrong.  At least you weren’t seriously hurt.

Well, I would like the dog to have a chance to be trained properly, and to have a good life.  It’s not the dog’s fault.  But I think it’s important to report it so that if it IS the third strike, then what needs to be done, can be done.

Was a " beware of dog sign" present? and did this happen on private property? If so I dont belive much can be done.

Maybe this is the cynic, or devil’s advocate in me asking this, but why did it matter to you so much to make you want to knock on a stranger’s house and ask about a bike that had absolutely nothing to do with you?  I’m glad you’re alright and all, but you kind of put yourself in a potentially bad situation over a bike that wasn’t even yours.  I suppose it doesn’t make the dog bite any less relevant, but you were uninvited on their property.  Correct me if I’m wrong.

The officer came and got the bike, and told me that it’s sort of two strikes.

No “beware of dog” sign,  it was on private property.  The officer said that the animal by law people will go check the dog out, make sure it’s licensed, and make some sort of file on the dog in case something happens again.

It mattered because I care.  I was thinking that the bike was one of two things: stolen or about to be stolen.

If it was a young kid who rode home for dinner, ran into the house, and just forgot his bike outside, I maybe could have prevented him from losing his bike.  Turns out that wasn’t the case, but it could have been.  I have children, and I also remember being a child, and I know that children don’t always think about stuff getting stolen from them, and don’t always put their stuff away.  Children are still innocent, and don’t think other people will harm them or their stuff.

And now that the RCMP have this bike, maybe the child who DID get it stolen from him will get his bike back.

There still is good in this world.  I’m trying to do my part.

Well done, Princess! :smile:  Now a file has opened on the dog and the owner.  I am hopeful that your actions will help to prevent someone else from being attacked.

I tend to agree.  Although, Princess, you were trying to do a good deed I do feel some sympathy for the dog owners.  They were in their home and had an uninvitied knock at the door.  Please don’t knock on my door.  :smile:  Moral of the story:  Be wary of people who seem to care, they may just turn on you.

There is a difference between doing a good deed and being a busy-body.  But that’s just my jaded opinion. 

really though you did the right thing by reporting it.  we shouldn’t have dogs in our community that are going to harm members of the publicor other domestic animals.  The owners know their dog is unsafe or “iffy” they should be able to control the dog and also they should ensure that when there is someone at the door the dog is unable to get them.  someone knocking at your door is a very simple thing.  all dog owners should know their dogs reaction to a guest and they should be able to control it.  especially a rescue dog.  just because you save a dog from a bad circumstance and bring it into your home does not mean that you have rescued it.  you still have to work with the animal and teach him/her some manners!

Time to jump in  I would have done exactly the same thing Princess of Power, My kids have had bikes stolen ( 2x) and I found them all by just walking around. I knocked on each door where I found the bikes that were engraved with our name and phone # in a secret spot asked the parents and they were like oh yeah he came home with it. ??? If my kids come home with a nice bike … I usually ask questions … anyway one Father was like oh yeah well do you have a receipt for this, and I say no but he starts to get mouthy and stuff, so I dial the non emergency # for the RCMP, they send a car over.By this time the guy is frothing at the mouth. she can’t prove it blah blah, I show the officer my DL and show him the secret id spot …VOILA guys shuts up. 
Sorry you had to get bit in the process though.

There is most definitely a difference between a concerned citizen and a busy body. But I disagree with Princess being a busy body. Funny, when I was a kid I was always paranoid that my bike would be stolen when I left it outside. But sometimes in my haste to get in the door, I didn’t put it out of sight. If it had been stolen it would have been a hard lesson to learn, and I would have appreciated someone coming to remind me that it’s still outside.
As for the dog bite, regardless of wether she knocked on the door or not. If that dog attacked her, it would, and could have done so even if it was just hanging out in the front yard. Something needed to be done to keep the public safe, and it’s good that she wasn’t as hurt as she could have been. What if it was your child wandering up that street and the dog decided to run out of its yard?

“Be wary of people who seem to care, they may just turn on you.” And you’d not have done the same thing if you were attacked by someone’s dog???

Can you post the address…so I can warn family members of the Dog attack?
I think that its pertinent information from a safe community perspective.