Strange Phone Call

Got a strange phone call today on my answering machine.


my machine cut it off, but it said press 0 to claim your prize.

I received a similar one the other day, it said dial 9 to claim your prize.  I would bet that these calls are scams.

YES , it is a scam .When you hit " 0 " it gives them the ability to use your number to call long distance. This scam has been around for awhile , the RCMP at one point put out a warning about it.

Happy New Year Everyone  :smiley:

Yeah we got offered a trip not once but twice to the Caribbean. The only thing going to the Carribean from these guys would be my telephone bill, which would run up the coin when the connection was transfered to some banking haven in the middle of the ocean.

As Nancy Reagan once said, Just say no, or in this case don’t push nine! 

all we get is a free set of steak knives and a visit from Filter Queen…

Make sure they get behind the couch and under the beds, lots of dust bunnies like to live there you know.

I like it when they put the black cloth in the clear thing and vacuum the cutest girl in the room’s head. Then she runs away bawling because she has a dandruff problem.  :imp:

I have also received the same phone call twice in the last two weeks. It is a Wyoming area code and when I check my voice mail there is this long pause and I just delete the damn things. I don’t know anyone in Wyoming, no long lost relative that has passed and left me millions !! so delete and THEY go away! Pain in the ass though. By the way, the area code is the same , but the number has been different on both occasions.  Happy 2007 everyone.

we got one of those bout a month ago i heard they can get ur personal info and shit if u press 9 … i wonder who actually falls for that…

Young kids who answer the phone for their parents and maybe curious.
Older seniors who may not be totally aware of hoaxes like this.

The fact is, they keep trying because it works a percentage of the time.

Heh, just deleted another call from my answer machine.  This one was interesting.  Stacy informed me that I had just won a trip.  But, then she admonished me.  “Don’t think, just press nine now.  Press nine now.”  The spambots are getting more aggressive. :smiley:

Do they sound like automated calls? Or is it someone actually speaking?

It is a human voice, but, obviously canned, automated.