Storm demonstrates need for central communication mechanism

While the City of Prince Rupert continues to clean up after a Thanksgiving weekend storm that knocked out power and gas, uprooted trees and damaged buildings, fences and vehicles, City Hall has heard that many residents felt there was no central place to check in. … 72279.html

The Prince Rupert backup emergency broadcast system (hackingthemainframe) was online the whole time.

Geez a note on the door to cityhall, this is the kind of thinking that’s going around the table?

Maybe they should try out a town crier as well.

They’re in full spin control at City Hall today it seems.

We asked around town, and we don’t think anybody wants it.

I laughed Sandimas.

Funny how they make it sound like everything was handled fine during the emergency. No mention of how all the major players for disaster response were out of town at the same time. Out of town, and no one told the Fire Chief. Perhaps as a thank you for the Fire Chief’s help, the city will reward him with a backup generator for the firehall that works. Something tells me that might be important.

City Hall trying to spin that everything was handled fine during the storm…WHAT a shocker…almost just as shocking how the parking issues/vandalism/watson island ect ect ect was and is being handled “fine” as well. What a f*cking joke!

I wish there was way we could impeach/recall/remove these people from doing any more harm to the city and their own reputations/credibility (whatever is left).

Gordon campbell should run for mayor of prince rupert. He could bring quite a bit of accountability to city hall. No really he could. kinda sad.