Stolen Rings REWARD!

last week 20 30 rings got stollen from locker in home hardwere…does any body know anything plese wright back…thank you

I am curious as to why someone had 20-30 rings in a locker at their workplace (at least, I assume they were stolen out of an employees’ locker?)…

No there are rental lockers in the warehouse part of Home Hardware, so I would imagine that they don’t belong to an employee, though I don’t think I would have left anything quite that valuable there to be honest, the locks on the lockers are pretty flimsy and easily broken off if I remember correctly.

ya…u all know him he the guy who sells rings in the mall, police says it might be an inside job who knows?

It all sounds very strange, maybe a little suspect…I have a locker there also and I do believe there are security cams in that area and also, you have to have not only your own lock if you feel like it but one of theirs for sure so that they have access if necessary. I suppose someone could have bypassed all the employees and customers in that area and broken in but a little difficult, I would think. 

Sounds like an inside job, ever notice anyone fondling the rings in a perverse way. Seriously though they targeted your locker for the heist,were there any other valuables there, was anything else of value taken, (dvd player,movies,xbox games,cd’s ) if not that in itself would raise red flags.

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Hope you find your rings or at least find the dirty crook that took it

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