Stolen bike

A grey Haro bmx bike was stolen from the Brett Place area. Please keep an eye out for it.

Stolen from Brett Place last night. Grey Haro BMX with purple and silver striping. Seat is from an older bike, is slightly torn and has red edges. Might have red lock still looped around handle bars. If anyone sees this bike please call 250-600-4480. My 9 year old saved up his own money for it. Return it and no questions asked. Do the right thing.
See link for more info on bike model. … 00-1-2012#

I have a special place in hell reserved for bike thieves. Lost two bikes to thieves over the years.

The last one narrowly missed being killed by me when I threw a can of refried beans at him as he sped away. I was standing in the checkout line at the store :smile: .

The bike was about wore out, but I had just put a new set of $50 tires on it the day before.

Hope you have better luck and the bike returned to your son. My condolances. I know what it feels like.


Happy to say that we have my sons bike back. I posted a picture of it and some specific details on Rupert’s Facebook garage sales page and my phone started lighting up with messages tonite. Led me straight to the bike and the kid riding it. Thanx to those who helped out. I have a very happy 9 year old.

Social Networking Does Wonders

Are you pressing charges or anything on the kid? Might be a good lesson for him to learn at an earlier age.“holy shit, you mean there are consequences for my actions?”

A much better incentive would be if he fell off his bike and got a few bruises and scratches on his face. That will teach him to ride a bike.